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leave g/world alone we werent all brought up with percy thrower some of us like 1st stage gardening when we are all hocked then we can all findout the lattin names if we want to take it to the next level the program is called gardeners world not experiened g/world keep up the good work so we can all grow together
I think the show is aimed more at people of all ages and experience learning something new, whether it be completely new ideas or revamped old ones. Keep it coming, I love the new show, it seems to be more on the lines of Geoff Hamilton, and he was the one who got more people interested in gardening and took the mystique out of it.
you know, I'm confused ... earlier this week I replied to someone re a weed they had on their allotment - I wondered if they were describing what I know as Mare's Tail - I tried to find something on this website to link to, but the closest I could get was the rhs website, so posted a link to there. Next think I know it's deleted - presumably cos I was linking to a competing website??? But the likes of the above, and dubious websites re oddly shaped carrots are allowed. Doesn't seem fair to me.
Hello Lainey, Sorry to hear about the problem you had with your comment regarding mare's tail/equisetum. We certainly didn't delete it, but occasionally our spam filters can be a little over-efficient, and divert 'legitimate' comments. I've checked and can't seem to find the comment you've referred to. I can only suggest you repost your comment. Apologies again, and please don't be deterred from commenting on the GW blogs - we love reading what everyone has to say! Regards, Daniel, The Gardeners' World web team
I think the post you are reffering to Lainey is on Jane Moores Blog Weeds on the Allotment. Hope this helps:)


Thanks Web Team and Simpson for your replies. I see that the post which prompted my rant has also gone. I wasn't referring to message number 3 from lilwead, just in case anyone was wondering. Yes Simpson, I did post on the Weeds on the Allotment thread. My reply to 'anonymous' is no longer there, tho they did get another reply. Changing the subject - a suggestion for the Web Team - there are a number of posts discussing the new series of GW - some positive, others not so positive - most of which don't really belong under the blog subjects. Would it be possible to start a new blog re the new series to allow people to express their opinions and where all interested parties can take part, and express their views?
Hello Lainey, Re: discussion of the new series of Gardeners' World on BBC2, the best place to have your say is on the message boards at Regards, Daniel The Gardeners' World web team
Can I make a suggestion then Daniel? The next time other users start posting threads related to the tv series under blogs which have no relation whatsoever to it, you post this link to that website for their benefit.
Perhaps, Lainey, you could stop being so peevish, and find something more important to gripe about.
Fair enough Margaret - I was in a bit of a minging mood yesteray. I will try to be less so.
I dont know if this has been thought of by anyone else but if you have a plastic compost binb it is very easy to fold a fly trap into the underside of the lid which will trap any white fly etc. They work very well in the greenhouse so why not give them a try on top of the compost
please could you tell me if there is anything wrong with my plum tree its two years old had lots of blossom this year but have no leaves on it is this normal ? or do i need to do anything to my tree as you can guess im new to gardening
I have just registered and this is my first post, so I am sorry if it's in the wrong place. After some research and two journeys I have have finally chosen and bought a wisteria with a birthday gift voucher. I am so upset that it fell over in the wind before I could plant it and now has a break in the main stem. The break is below all the growth and the blossom. There are just two young green shoots below the break. I chose this particular plant because it was already in bloom (one raceme)in the hope that I wouldn't have to wait years to see some flowers on it. What can I do to mend my baby ?
I remember sellotaping a lilac branch together with a top-binding of string, and it worked a treat and healed perfectly, but to have any chance of this working there needs to be some undamaged tissue and also you have to act immediately. Your wisteria may well be past this stage. If the upper areas are now dying back then all you can do is prune it back to a healthy, suitable bud or limb and plant it before anything else goes wrong. It obviously has flowering potential (a very sensible plan to buy one that showed so clearly that it was at flowering stage !) PG
re pear trees i have just planted 2 new ones but believe they have to be of the same group to polinate so i got a burece hardy and a williams bon chriten which arent to far apart therfore with the lack of bees shold work if i only get few bes in garden so if the earlier comments from the per trees who planted one you really need another near it or niegbours with the same group i believe


I have developed a relatively new enthusiasm for gardening, but even I find the new style juvenile. Whilst it is good for a novice like me to see GW returning to some of the basics, the way the information is delivered is cringingly similar to something from 'Alan Partridge'. Sorry if Daniel from the web team doesn't like these comments being posted here but I can't be bothered to go anywhere else. Perhaps he could ask someone from the production team to respond.
Although I presented on Gardeners' World for 13 years, I've not been part of the programme for about seven years now.....I just want to blog about gardening....and that lowers the blood pressure, not raises it!!!
We inherited a plum tree 3 years ago when moving to our new house All was great for 2 years but this year it blossomed, then gradually all the leaves have come off the few fruit turned into little raisins and dropped off and now it looks very sad indeed Any ideas Please Help
Myself and many other gardening friends and neighbours and finding it very hard to come to terms with the "new" style Gardeners World. In comparison to the last bunch of lovely presenters the presentation seems rather trivial as though you are aiming at maybe recruiting the younger generation. Nothing wrong with that but don't take the heart and the quality out of what has always been a great favourite of many viewers in this country. Good old tradition instead of slap and tickle style comedy.

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