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I agree, the "stinking iris" seems not to stink at all! Is there a case under the Trades Description Act, do you think?
Geranium leaves are one of my dislikes, fausty and horrible. The Crown Imperial is another that is very reminiscent of Dog Foxes...not nice!
I once came home from a weekend away to a horrible overpowering stink in the house. I really thought something had died. It took me two days to work out it was a beautiful lily in flower. When I put it outside, it smelled wonderful, but indoors it was way too overpowering. I think Gardenia can be a bit too much indoors too.
I love my Hellebores but cannot stand the smell of H.Foetidus and don't like the smell of "Sweet" Peas. I agree that Gardenia can be overpowering indoors - ok for a litle while and then it gets too much.


The common flowering currant shrub is one most people do not want to be close to. Some people find the smell of pelargoniums off-putting but the ones with scented leaves like "Copthorne" are often very pleasant and good flowerers.
i love the rafflesai plant n the rainforest, it stinks like dead animals!!!!! YUK!!!!! You can get two names of the rafflesais, name of them azlanii and kerrii. i hate the smell if you go near them yuk1
rafflesais have catch fly's all the time and there is some names to, names are,azanii and kerrii. thats all i lon=ve the rainforests!!!!!!!
My fascination with growing obscure plants has caused me to end up with 3 Amorphophallus Titanum residing on my kitchen windowsill. They're still only young, but I think they may be given out as Christmas presents (Kate?!) prior to them (hopefully) becoming ready to flower in a few years!

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