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My sunflower got black spots due to weevil, shall i pull it out of the pot shake all the soil off and re-pot it to save it?
The squirrels managed to eat all my sunflower heads last year apart from one which I cut and put in a vase. I discovered they preferred the heads of the larger varieties.

This year I'm growing Little Dorrit and watering them with dilute garlic to keep the slugs/snails off. I hope this works with the squirrels as well.

Can you keep sunflowers indoors, by the window? I turn them everyday. Been growing them for about 1.5 months now. They also seem to go to sleep every night wilting surprisingly a lot, but come morning, they are perky again. No water added. Is this typical behaviour?
Can someone help me I have a Yucca I think its a recurvafolia, it grew to big for pots so about four years ago I put it in the ground its obviously flourished, this year it produced a huge red spike which turned into lovely cream coloured flowers it ended up about 7feet high.

Unfortunately the flowers are now dying off, the problem is when all the flowers have died do I have to cut the spike off or do I leave it to fade naturally I think I could have difficulty cutting it its about 5 inches round. Really need help don't want to kill my plant by doing or not doing the right thing.


I have 11 sunflowers in my garden, average height around 7' - 8' and not one has shown any sign of flowering, can anyone tell me why?
Be patient, Proctor, as flowers should develop once stems reach their full height. You are clearly growing a tall variety, and these take longer coming into flower than dwarf varieties that can flower within 2-3 months of sowing.

And Laura, you're probably growing one of the many multi-headed varieties. Some sunflowers just form a single flower at the top of each stem, but multi-headed varieties produce branched stems where each branch carries a flower (or two). These tend to be shorter but bushier plants, and are great for border displays.

my question is simple do what do i do with my sunflowers at the end of the summer, cut them down or let them wither and rot
Reply to mojo: your sunflowers will die at the end of the season, as they're only an annual flower. However, some varieties do set seed, so leave the flower heads to form seeds, and use these to feed the birds.
i never had any peppers from my pepper plants this year. i have grown them indoors on a warm windowsill. the plants still look really healthy, should i keep the plants in the hope of eventually getting some peppers, later this year or early next. ( i am quite new to gardening as you can tell)
Reply to mojo: Yes, try and keep the plants for another year. If you can provide frost-free conditions then peppers can be kept growing for more than one year. I'm sure many others will be in the same position as you this year. I haven't found it a good one for chilli peppers, so will definitely be keeping my plants through winter.
Hello, Plzzzz help me!! My daughter came home from nursery with a Sun flower which has been lovely to see it grow but in the past weeks it has had little black spots on it's leafs. The leafs looks fine to start with but then goes a yellow ish colour with the black/brown spots and it does not look very happy at all. Thank you Nikki x
Have inherited a Yucca growing in large outdoor pot. Very dead clump of leaves on top tall trunk which I have cut off about half way down and a head of leaves which I think still have life in on a lower trunk. However there are 9 new shoots round the base of the trunk. What do I do with them please?
hi, i am currently growing a large sun flower which has reached about 7ft but still has'nt flowered,I've just noticed that a piece of cord i used to support it when it was small has cut right threw the base of the plant but it still seems to be growing. Should it still flower?


i have 8 sunflowers between 8 and 10 inches long in a bucket measuring 8 inches by 8 inches.will i have to transfere them to individual pots and will i have to support them with a bamboo stick or something similar?
Another feature of sunflowers are the spiral patterns you can see in the arrangement of seeds in the the seed head. There is some mathematics to it and it also makes sure that the inner seeds are not squashed in by the outer.The stems of the plants break up well for the compost heap too.

I have just bought a new house. There are 2 sunflower plants currently in the garden, both of which are around 7' tall.

It is now late August - have they flowered yet ?? There are green flower heads but I'm not sure if they have been and gone so to speak.

A dumb question I know.

All advice / comment appreciated.



Have you got a photo of the flower heads? 

If the green leafy looking bits round it meet in the middle it's not open yet.

If there's a flat middle and a leafy frill round it, it's over for flowering but leave the seeds for the birds

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