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I totally agree about not using carpet. It seems very popular on my allotment site, but I am still digging it up! We put down some systemic weedkiller last year to try to kill the brambles and I only now realise why they had not been killed off. It had to get through carpet (under grass and brambles) which had obviously been there for years and years! I used black plastic over the winter on my raised beds to suppress the weeds and this has been very effective.
I'm in a quandry now!!! Putting down carpet along the paths was going to be my Easter holiday job tomorrow!!! We have a lovely school garden, and a side "leg" that we have cultivated as an allotment, with 2 greenhouses, a long raised vegetable bed, a smaller raised herb bed and 2 compost bins, along with fruit trees/canes etc. The paths around the raised beds are slightly sloped, muddy and slippery, and our cookery students (bringing peelings after their lesson for the compost heap) have been complaining!!!

I felt that carpet and bark chippings would do a great job, whilst also keeping the brambles and stingers that used to live in the area at bay. I wonder what to do now!!! Perhaps, as per previous postings, I should try it for a year and see how we go. I suppose I won't be cultivating the paths, so I won't be needing to remove the carpets in the future.

As a separate piece of info, this weekend I removed some weed-suppressing-membrane from my home garden that has been in situ for 8 years under my son's climbing frame. This has not disintegrated or torn, and I will be using it in the school garden with the carpet. It certainly worked 100% as I originally laid it directly on top of lawn, grass & dandelions to boot. Nothing came through, and it did not get waterlogged at all. Perhaps this is the answer to my own question!!!!

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On our allotment we have been told that the council has banned the use of carpet to suppress weeds as it is a possible environmental hazard. I don't know how valid this is.

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