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Quite agree! This is the first year I have attempted growing sweet peas and I've been delighted with the result. Every week we have 1-2 posies of fresh flowers that bring charm, colour and a delightful scent to the home. It is great that you must keep cutting them as you have a summer long supply of fresh, free flowers, and the more you cut, the more that grow.
I have had my allotment since the beging of April and once we got it dug over and put lots of veg in, we decided to try 2 variety's of sweet peas. one which dies at the end of the year, this is producing pure white flowers which I picked my first bunch yesterday. My lounge smells lovely, I need to get more small vases so I can have some in each room. The second variety which is everlasting has not flowered yet, but you can see that it won't be too long. I will definitely do them again next year.
we have just started an allotment . and along side of the plot. there is a road . and the soil is full of stone . from under the road. so i carnt put eny feg there. so i got alot of the spare soil.and i mixed it all together. and i put sume fish bone and blood in it. and sume growmoor in it. then i planted aload of perenuals. and anuals. and every one that comes on the allotment says that looks grate. so you can mix flowers with veg.
Can not agree more Sweet peas are wonderful flowers for home. But any suggestions on bud drop which I have had a problem with this year.
I'm growing Sweet peas for the first time and love the smell. I had not thought to cut them and bring them indoors. Thank you Tracy J. for mentioning it. I wonder if I should harvest the peas for eating or for sowing next spring.


Just started growing sweet peas beeeeautiful scents, my plant only seems to flower from the top, am i doing anything wrong.
Some years I have sown my sweet-peas Oct-Nov but mostly late Jan so as to have strong plants for early planting as there is large areas of tarmac around our bungalow and the boarders are across a large lawn I grow the sweet-peas in large tubs My wife was cutting the first flowers third week in May this year to keep them flowering the tubs need to be flooded with water once a week.
i have grown sweetpea from seed, they have come on very well but no flowers! what have i done wrong?
I agree, I'm growing a row in my allotment at present and looking forward to the flowers.

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