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very helpful, thankyou carol xxx
Thanks Carol this article was great, not sure though when to take cuttings as on G/W Friday you were taking cuttings from your garden but in your article you said spring? Plesase advise Thankyou Sue x
These videos are great but they don't usually say what time of year they were filmed.....or have I missed something!
Very interesting thank you
I love watching what has to be done and how to do it but so far none of the plants used exists in my garden. Would love to know how many other plants, and their names, you could use the procedure on. Joy


That was really so interesting. Now I have learned so much. Thank you
As per usual, great instructions and then left in mid air. Do I harden them off outside? What do I do after 'potting on'? When do I plant them out in the groun?
This is the trouble with some of the Gardener's Worold 'excellent' instructions - they just stop at a point where the gardener (Carol, Monty etc) know exactly what happends next. But I don't!

Great instructions for that part, but what are we suppose to do after potting on?


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