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Sotongeoff, you're right. Just bragging about living in such a mild area! Even in Cornwall winter temperatures vary considerably. East Cornwall has much colder conditions
every time I have taken cuttings I try putting them in unheated green hse or kitchen windowsill..they die.. or rot off or get leggy... tried for yrs & yrs..
so now I dont bother.. any advice for a mature person who cannot over winter things...

Jean what percentage grit/perlite do you use?

Jean, it would be better to keep cuttings on windowsill rather than greenhouse. They need to have rooted at the latest by sep or early October. Keep on dry don't want to encourage growth over winter, just to tick over. Don't try to pot on cuttings over winter either, just wait till spring for that. 50% perlite and compost. Cuttings right on edge of pots. Polythene bag fixed so it doesn't touch cuttings. I let cuttings dry out for day or so before inserting into compost. Pelargoniums are usually easy to propagate. Hygiene is important too making sure pots are clean. From memory blackleg is common fungal problem with pelargonium cuttings so as soon as they look as if they have taken remove polythene bag

Sorry -have to disagree-I would not cover pelargoniums with a polythene bag-that encourages high humidity and rotting-once that has started to can't stop it



Works for me, that's why I suggest it. I guess we do what we know suits us. Succulents, silver/grey leaved plants, and similar I do not cover with polythene. They will rot, I find. I propagate most things and used to run a little nursery and always did this. If it didn't work I would have had nothing to sell! As with everything in life there are.many ways of doing things

Christopher2 I am interested in starting my own nursery and wonder if you could pass on some advice. What were your top sellers and what sort of margins did you work to. Is there any  tips that you can pass on?

Keith's lemon, like your celebrity juice prog. I'm in sw Cornwall and can grow tender plants easily.these usually propagated easily and made Impressive flowering plants v quickly. I did it as hobby, albeit a profitable one. From home. I sold plants that people could see growing well .....hopefully impressively my own garden. Margins are difficult but the big boys are charging a lot these days for plants that you could produce about trying bedding plants? I see yu are in east Devon, bit colder than me. Do you grow many plants yourself? I split stock plants to keep my own young n healthy but also to sell. Cannas were good. Huge clumps in garden were split n potted, gingers, grasses, dahlias, campanulas, oh, so many. Show you know your plants and give advice add to your sales package

christoher2 thanks so much for the advice, I am in Exmouth so if we have a mild winter it should be ok here. I do grow my own plants and i suppose i could divide a lot more plants in the garden to start to stock the nursery.i am trying to decide whether to concentrat on bedding plants or to go for more expensive main concern is not pricing so low that i do not make a profit and also how i am going to find the customers as i do not live on a busy street.

cheers Keith

Best to divide your own plants then. Got many? Can you start off slowly or do you Intend doing it right off as a full time job? Bedding plants are a colourful plus to selling your own plants, getting customers in Polyanthus, primroses etc. would be good for this but should have been sown last spring. I got known by word of mouth selling plants I like and in the end selling everything I could produce. If you can start small with just a few of your plants you could use next summer as a learning curve. Get to know what similar plants are being sold for. Perennials in small pots...the smaller campanulas, for example, split easily and flower within weeks so they look good and cost you v little. Cuttings of penstemons root easily and flower in their first year. Keith's lemon, can you do this as a hobby at first? It was profitable for me but I had another business to run that took precedence. When you get reasonable stock of plants can you advertise? Even in local shop window?

As I've been lumbered with looking after a friend's exotic pelargonium collection, think I will try propagating them as some are very pretty indeed.

how can i stop my geranium plants stems going black after taking the cuting
Brian sumner wrote (see)
how can i stop my geranium plants stems going black after taking the cuting

Keep them on the dry side- do not cover with plastic bag- that increase humidity and leads to rotting-if you can give them bottom heat that is even better-they really are one of the easier plants to propagate

I have had good success wintering over my geraniums in my attached unheated garage.  I am careful to keep my garage door closed except for brief entrance/exit. I water about 1 per month. Take them out in mid spring, fertilize, & they look great in a short time.  Located in S E MIchigan.

Has anybody tried rooting geraniums in water?  I have found sites on the web that say that works ok.


I have found this helpful.
I have 3 cuttings for about 2 weeks and one of them is flowering. Is that common or should I cut this flowers to help the plant creates roots?

Why try rooting In water Jer01?  They root easily in mpc with added grit perlite.

Lucischaves, you do t want those flowers....carefully snip them off.  You dont want flowering shoots for cuttings.  

In my experience the sooner pelargonium cuttings are taken the better the plant will be to overwinter.  I've taken my cuttimgs....2 weeks ago.  

I took four cuttings yesterday 22/08/13 and this is the first time I have took cuttings as I'm just starting out and its all new to me as I'm am 33 yes old I also took 2 hydrangea cuttings 1 fushia cutting swell so hopefully it all gos well and will keep you updated on these first cuttings and any tips are very much welcome
pity that the larger photos are out of focus