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wht is the difference between bud and node, the pictures are unclear and both look the same.
What is the difference between cutting above a "bud" and then a "node" pictures a bit out of focus for me and both look the same.

O'I don't know about 20 years ago you could buy a clear rooting jelly that you put your geraniums in. it was like clear wallpaper paste in a light green bottle



Would it be okay to just cover the cuttings if there is a danger of v cold weather or frost? If I heat the greenhouse how hot should it be? Haven't got enough window calls!


I've never taken cuttings before can it be done at this time of year? I left my geraniums in a light shed over winter and they are now very straggly. Can I take cuttings or just cut them back a bit?



Can I take geranium cuttings now or is it to late

If you're talking about pelargoniums, I find they take most of the year round.  Should be fine now. 


Do geraniums come back year after year?

Yes. But they can get a bit straggly, so prune them hard and fleece them well. Also, it's quite nice to bring in new stock to ring the changes. I find that they root anywhere anytime, especially in our gravel carpark - Am I just lucky?

Thanks Biofreak, it's the first time last year that I had bought them, so when I was tidying up on Sunday, I thought do I or don't I throw them, one looks quite green at the bottom, I love the smell of them when they are flowering : )

My last batch are now in their 4th year in tubs outside. A wonderful present that just go on and on - I have added irises/small daffs and tulips amongst the geraniums (only a long narrow earthenware tub - and they all flower before the geraniums so gives a great show.

I look forward to seeing your photos in summer, thanks I know never to throw them now : )

Can you take more than one cutting from a stalk. Say you cut 1/2" above a node and 1/2" below two nodes down. IT probably would not have any growth except for the offshoots coming out of the nodes, so keep them as opposed to what have been at the top of the stalk (the tip growing node). IS this possible, or do I have to use just one cutting per stalk for a cutting. Could root growth be encouraged from a leaf stalk or only the thick rings stalks?

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