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Great to see your experimentation paid off. Of course, we could get caught out by a very cold winter, but it's interesting to see which plants survive if we can give them the right conditions.
Lots of people growing corn hve asked when is it ready to harvest.You havnt answered this and i would like to know nobody ever answeres this.Please could you tell us. Many Thanks
feel to see if the corn has nice noblie corn, just ease the top layer open to see if they have grown to the top of the corn,if so cut the corn strip the leaves pop into the microwave for 3 mins coat with butter and pepper, "heaven". should be ready now.
Hello Bob. Details of the poetry competition can be found on page 120 of the October 2010 issue of Gardeners' World magazine. It's only on sale for another day or so, though! If you can't get hold of a copy, don't despair, because we'll shortly be publishing details of how to enter on Just keep an eye on the homepage!


I too love putting my tender succulents out for the summer - gives an exotic feel to the garden even if the weather is cloudy like now. A friend gave me an echivaria called "Blue Frills" last year which is spectacular when it sends out its lovely pink flowers. last year i experimented by leaving some of my graptopetalum plants in a sheltered spot in the garden all winter and they survived, except the slugs and snails thought them a great feast. just checking on global warming plantwise!

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