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Talkback: The best way to grow potatoes

I always thought that potatoes need a lot of water. Certainly the potato growers in Lincolnshire seem to use water cannons to irrigate throu...

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I always thought that potatoes need a lot of water. Certainly the potato growers in Lincolnshire seem to use water cannons to irrigate throughout summer.
I had a really good crop two years back when it rained all summer.

We dug up a plant today, they should be ready according to T&M but they're still little more than marbles.  Rain and time.  Lots of.

If you add too much water you get less flavour; Water is cheap when translated into heavier potatoes.

In our own gardens most of us go for good flavour rather than heavy tasteless crops. Just compare the taste of a home-grown tomato versus a shop-bought one.
New ground, never used for veg. wood ash- grow more and a dash of blood and bone mixed in with some early compost roughage/chicken manure all contributed to my first attempt. single dig and one earthing up has produced a generous result of mixed salad /chipping size spuds (both ends of the size population, some greening experienced!).Variety- Charlotte, seed from a visit to a French supermarket in March 2014.
2 rows watered by soaker hose twice a day for approx. 1/2 an hour each a.m. and late p.m.this regime was assisted with an occasional dose of my own horse manure liquid tea, (don't know the concentration of liquid to solids just guess work !!)

I am happy with the results and am now spending time researching the on going planting for autumn / winter / spring crops from this site given the recommended crop rotation plots.

Grew Charlotte this year but didn't water at all mainly because of a long holiday just when they needed it most. Soil is bone dry now during harvesting.  Result is lots of scab and a small crop but they taste just fine after cleaning up. I also planted a broad bean plant on top of each spud so have ended up harvesting late while waiting for the beans to finish.


Mel M
I grew 4 types of potato this year:- Sarpo axona, Athlete, British Queen and Pink Fir Apple All except the Fir Apple(Bags-good crop)were in soil improved with compost, chicken manure (a little) and growmore. I had seed potatoes left over from each type so planted them under black plastic. The potatoes under plastic have so far provided a noticeably better crop (Axona not yet ready.)Same number of potatoes but larger with no loss of taste. I watered the ground really well before laying the plastic and only gave them two further waterings. All my potatoes will be under plastic next year- apart from Fir Apple. Less trouble - good results. Mel M.

Mel M, can you explain the black plastic method please?

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