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hello i have carrie bradshaw & lady strathadean in my garden the only trouble is this year the flowers are really drooping and i have had to cane them whcih doesnt look so nice ...i also find aphids like them to !
great.I have been looking for an orange flower to go with my geranium nimbus.I think /hope that Juliana will fit the bill.Now where's my plantfinder?
I have been trying to purchase a Hydrangea Paniculata Pinky Winky. All the web sites I have tried have sold out. Can anyone help?
Angels trumpets (Brugmansia) can anyone say why I cannot get this plant to flower, I feed it well but do not know whether it prefers sun or shade it is kept outside all year but I protect it well in the winter plenty of healthy growth but no flowers.
Betty: Brugmansias are very thirsty and very hungry. Try not to prune them too much as they will only flower after the stem has forked. Grow in sunshine.


Hi, I have a fig tree in a pot which grows quite happily but the figs are lacking. I started off with about 15 small ones this year and now have only 3. It has 5 very long woodie stems about 4 feet high leaves like hands at the ends and nothing inbetween. I don't know what variety it is but could anyone tell me a) why I am loosing the baby figs and b) should I prune it to encorage new growth from the bottom and when do I do this. Thank you.
Hi! I have planted an Acer in a round bed in my front garden. It is north facing but the bed gets some sun for part of the day. I'm not sure what to plant with the Acer and am thinking of putting some grasses in the bed as well. Has anyone any ideas about what might look good? Many thanks
Thanks for this post. I hadnt thought of putting my Geums with grasses but I can see now that this would really work.
The leaves of a very mature wisteria seem to have gone limp and lifeless as if hit by frost. It flowered extremely well but there are no pods being produced and none of the usual exuberant growth of 'flyers'. Is this plant dying ?
Bruce:Your Wisteria: mine has just done exactly the same thing...something mysterious is going on.
Could some wonderful expert tell me why my 20 year Laburnum Tree decided to die, for no apparent reason. New growth commenced early spring, but only a few new leaves, flowers started to show, then the whole lot died. Its now a prominent dead large structure. I can find no trace of canker or bugs. Are these trees susceptible to something?
I have never blogged before and this may not be the corrrect place - but - we have just cut a ROSE with 2 bloooms on th stem. One bloom is white and the other is lemon. I have never experienced this phenomenom before, so is anyone able to enlighten me why, 7 how this happens? many thanks.
We bought 10 Mrs Bradshaw geums this year and planted them in the front in a sunny location. According to the tag, they like sunny spots and thrive/are hardy in our zone (along with others) -- north of Atlanta, GA. They were wilting a bit the first week, but we watered them every day trying to help them along in the hot weather, but then one completely died. Then another died, and now all but one have died. Too much sun? Do they really not like sun and hot weather?
I neglected to mention at least half of them were thriving and hearty and had really filled out for several weeks before they started dying.


Ginny: They are indeed happy in sunshine (although your idea of sunshine in Georgia is very different to ours here in the UK!) It sounds as if it is more the fault of the original plant of perhaps some soil borne pest or disease.
how and when do i prune a fig tree? it produces fruit but they don't ripen,anybody got any ideas?
I planted a laburnum in a large pot two years ago. This spring, some leaves are turning yellow. Can anyone let me know if it needs a special feed?
Bruce: Very difficult to tell without seeing the plant. It could be just a bit knackered after flowering. Lorrie: Thank you Fran: Grasses for shade include: Deschampsia cespitosa, Luzula nivea, Milium effuseum,Hakenechloa macra, Carex morrowii, Imperata cylindrica.

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