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hi my laylandi is out of control and got to about 8 feet wide and 8 feet high taking far too much of my neighbours and my garden. It looks quite bushy on the outside but is far to big. If i cut it back to about 3 foot wide and 3 foot tall will it bush out again.
Can anyone give me an idea of price to fell a Lleylandi which is over 30ft high and quite wide. If you have had this kind of work done it will give me a rough guide as to what it may cost me.
Anyone there who has recently had a large Lleylandi cut down? Im trying to get an idea of cost.
I have a wide 5 leylandi tree hedge that gets away if I dont keep on top of it. In the last 5 years, I must of had a least 20ft lopped off it in two or three go's. Ive learnt my lesson and have it clipped and pruned twice a year. I have two glorious springtime clemetis growing through it these dont seem to suffer with all the chopping and pruning. Saying that they do migrate to my neighbours side of the hedge as they catch more sun than myself!

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