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My gardener, to be helpful, has just cut down my philadelphus to about 3feet. It was pretty old, and the stems were very woody - I was intending to cut out some of the older stems, but he must have misunderstood, and now all I have is a clump of very short stems. There is now a large space in my garden, which was previously filled by this lovely tree. Can anyone please tell me if this will grow again?
Nickfelix: It will but you won't get much flower this year, I'm afraid. However, in future years it will flourish.
our mock orange seems to have a sort of blight on the top part of the plant. It is flowering beautifully, but it is covered in what looks like small black 'seeds'. my husband has sprayed it with soapy water. What can we do?
Annie: Philadelphus lewisii is very lightly scented and, in my opinion, there is not much point to a Philadelphus without strong scent. Did yours out and plant another. Jeanne: It will. Is it newly planted?
thrifty mama
I have a Philadelphia Virginal , well that's what it stated on the label)
now for about 3 years, and although it flowered in the second year and this year too, I find that it does not have any heavenly perfume. I have pruned it as it should be, in fact a couple of branches with flowers still on were cut and put in a vase and brought into the house, but still no perfume. Have I got a non perfume one, if there is such a thing, or a shrub that proclaims to be Philadelphia, but is not. Can there be another shrub with the same features leaves flowers, flowering time etc but something else, thanks for any help


I don't think they all have that heavenly perfume thrifty mama but I don't know Virginal.  I have Belle Etoile and it smells glorious.

thrifty mama

Thanks DyersEnd, think I had better look for the Philadelphia Belle Etoile, and then I can appreciate it's perfume like others do, I feel quite let down with mine ( Virginal  one ) but glad it's not me who is causing it not to smell of perfume  ,thanks again

Virginal does have a very good scent Thrify mama.  I too have Belle Etoile and it is highly fragrant.

I have to confess, were I to plant another philadelphus I would plant Virginal.  Its flowers are so much bigger and the scent is equally as good.

I suspect you have a seedling or another variety.  Not all are scented...I understand one or two new varieties are bred for their flowers and not scent

thrifty mama

Well Verdun, the Philadelphus I have according to its label is Virginal, and it does not smell at all. Its flowers are single ones too , a lovely white and its quite a good size, about 7ft - 8ft at the tip, although not now as I have pruned it on Sunday, so as to get the new shoots going. for next years flowers. Its a shame cause I planted it not far from my back door to get its full perfume to waft  into the house, sounds as if I may have  some other variety that is un -perfumed, I feel another trip to the Garden Centre coming on, not buying another online as before now. Thanks Verdun

You have the wrong plant thrifty mama.

correct me if wrong but Virginal is double flowered.

lovely scent but only for 3 weeks or so.

choisya ternata may be a better bet??  Scented flowers from early evergreen glossy aromatic foliage......?

thrifty mama

Sorry Verdun, I don't actually know if its the wrong shrub, I purchased it as a Philadelphus Virginal 3 years ago on line. However its sounding as if it was labelled wrongly if the Virginal  one is double flowered, because mine is not. It looks as if it is some kind of Philadelphus though, but don't know which. Thanks for your help


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