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I can only say, Ihave never been to the Chelsea flower show only ever watched on TV but enjoy every moment of the programme.All the gardens are lovely but the amount of money that is spent on them so they should be, not many of us would be able to take them home. they are all a joy to behold, one day maybe I will see it live.good on the people growing the plants.
Alan Tidmarsh said yesterday that "THEY" (whoever "THEY" are)said Carol Klein was not enthusiastic !I beg to disagree, I think she is a really good presenter of gardening and I always enjoy it when she is on the television.
I just put 'compost' in the search engine, hoping to find out what was good to include and what was unadvisable, and it came up with no results..... surely not???? Am I doing something wrong?
Rosieglow,try "gardeners compost" in your search engine. You'll have enough reading to keep you going till the rain stops.
Lovely to see the gardens and the plants. I am a member of NAFAS (National Association of Flower Arrangers - tell Alan the name has changed!) I am passionate about gardens and gardening but would love to see some of the work done by NAFAS members. There is a large stand and two competitions and we are affiliated to the RHS. Surely that merits 15 minutes out of the many hours coverage?


Would shows like Chelsea not attract more general interest if they focused on the needs/design suggestions for normal/average households? I find it very wrong to see so many costly/extravagent examples of the horticultural "elite", in a period of financial hardship for society in general?
Soz, the comment on the extravagance of Chelsea, was made by me, but I forgot to put my name. It is a heart felt oppinion, so I have come back to own up to the comment xx
We have watched throughout the week so far starting with Sunday evening and thoroughly enjoyed the whole spectacle. We last visited in person in 2007 on the Tuesday which was fine but has been surpassed by 2010 and this year. I used to go regularly in the 80s but living back in Scotland makes for an expensive exercise. Kevock Nursery was featured last evening and they are sweet people and I went round their nursery near Edinburgh end of April.Chelsea gives us all ideas and aspirations some of which we have realised in our own stone wall surrounded garden in the Scottish Borders. Keep up the good work it is the best of British which is important. Essential to start of our summer...hope you get some rain down in England; we have had enough!
I really do appreciate the comments of Mucky Gardener re under 5's but it can be difficult enough to get round as an adult and the thought of trying to cope with a pushchair - it could drive you to drink. I am in total agreement that it seems discriminatory but the logistics don't bear thinking about. Sad but true. We thought the gardens this year were all superb. The sort of planting we might all aspire to, and can relate to our own gardens. I may possibly draw the line at having a crane in the garden bit then Chelsea is all about showmanship after all. I had a wonderful time there - the best ever I think.
Mags is spot on with her comment about visiting with young children and prams. I've been several times but only after my daughter was grown up, one day I will go again. Perhaps Mucky Gardener doesn't have anyone to mind the children for a few hours. There are small gardens as well as huge ones, you take from them what suits you. I think there is an enormous interest from people of all backgrounds. I can understand your comments regarding the economy,but would you stop London Fashion Week because the clothes are expensive or not designed for the average woman?
I'm with Mags on banning small children from Chelsea. Just looking at the TV coverage - I would hate to try and negotiate that heaving crowd with a pushchair or even mobile child. I shudder to think what the queues for the loos were like. Any under 5s would be quite justified in saying 'Daddy, can we go now?' after half an hour.
can anyone out there help me? we have 3 tree ferns. one has produced lovely fronds the other 2 nothing. i did all i usually do over winter, wrap them up well with fleece and then hessien. since unwrapping i have watered well and fed. im at a loss as to what to do. no sign of any rotting or dead.anyone got any ideas?
The tree ferns in the Wallace garden at the NBG of Wales looked just like that on May 15th with no sign of fronds in the crown but the gardeners seemed to be just waiting for something to show as all the protective wrapping and mulch had been removed. Give them a bit longer brfore despairing. The fact one survived is hopeful. They are lovely but so expensive.
too true happymarion!! when we got them they were expensive but now the prices are just silly! we're crossing fingers and toes and hoping they're 'resting'!
Re Andrew Littleford 26th May and his comments about the "Gardening elite". Couldnt agree more. Chelsea, like so many things thesedays, seems to be more of a social highlight for the self professed "celebrity" gardener rather than the enthusiast. Titmarsh as usual panders to what he calls the "gliteratzi" rather than us mere mortals. The Nations favourite gardener? Not for me, where was Monty Don? The best presenter since Geof Hamilton and why was Carol Klein not allowed to do her usual superb tour of the Pavillion? In future I'll stick to Malvern and leave Chelsea to the chosen ones.


I know where you are coming from. Tony,even though i have never been able to afford to go to Chelsea but i have been on a coach trip to Malvern and it was very enjoyable. There were lots of families there with pushchairs and the setting itself was worth it. The TV coverage is not as extensive as Chelsea but for the millions of ordinary gardeners it is more useful. Having said that some people are interested in way-out designs and Chelsea is one for them and the people who like to see their "Stars" away from their work. Personally I loved seeing the Queen in what seemed to be a posh hairnet but so appropriate to keep her hair in place and let her see more than the usual hat her designers come up with. Without the TV coverage I would have missed that - not able to afford newspapers nowadays.
Can anyone help ? I have a pot of thick soft soap-like grease! How much do I use in a full watering can as an insecticide?
I was very disappointed with the coverage of the chelsea flower show, got fed up of seeing the same gardens and the big money spent, in these had time money saving ideas would be better and more in touch with the uk gardeners. I was most disappointed with the lack of coverage of the floristry and floral art, As a florist in a trade which is fighting againts the giants of tesco etc, this was a opportunity for the bbc to support an industry which needs the public to see it takes alot of training and a love for flowers to create quality arrangements for people to enjoy.
A great success as it has been for the past few years, the garden displays were fantastic, my wife and I had a lovely day. Although admittedly the number of exhibitors seemed lower than normal, never the less we bought some lovely things. Well done! Ben, previous exhibitor
The Chelsea Flower show – ‘the world’s most famous flower show’ The web is alive with bloggers stating which is their favourite show garden and the new plants that they simply must have. What was my highlight you ask? I can’t tell you, because I didn’t go. I couldn’t go. You see, I am a father of young children and so I am prohibited from attending. Children under 5 are not allowed. Period. I quote from the RHS website; ‘For reasons of comfort and safety, children under five, babes in arms, pushchairs and prams are not admitted to the show under any circumstances.’ Find my full comments at: Yours, Mucky.

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