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i have an allotment on top of the law hill in dundee and on any day i have one wren two robins two blackbirds numeruos blue tits at the bird feeders we keep the bird feeders up all year long
we have got a green woodpecker,greater spotted and a lesser spotted woodpeckers. we also have greenfinches,blue tits ,long tailed tits,and cole tits and a little wren ,and four robins
Unfortunately the garden is sadly lacking in bird activity this weekend - they seem to boycott us during the RSPB Birdwatch! Whether this is due to the gale force winds of the past few days or the ever present threat of the neighbour's cats I don't know.

We've certainly seen less bird activity since the arrival of the moggies next door in spite of my gourmet treats on the feeders.

Whilst sitting down to a late Sunday lunch today through the window we were amazed to see a GOSHAWK enjoying their lunch on our lawn. It was a wonderful sight that lasted about 20 minutes but we all had a wonderful view of a magnificent bird.
After last year watching the Blue Tits bully the Robins and Sparrows away from our feeders, this year a Gang of Great Tits have established themselves at the top of the pecking order. The RAF could learn a thing or two from these dog fights.


we frequently see a Honey Buzzard sitting on a hedge, right beside a busy road. At first we were worried for its saftey, but has so far survived.It looks quite lean but not skinny and we have seen it eating carrion and road kill. Last year we counted 6 Honey Buzzards up high in the sky calling to each other with their evocative screech,could they be our juvenile's family? We feel privilege to see such proud birds.
Once again garden bird watch has been leaked to my birds.Over the past few weeks we have spotted 15 blackbirds,12 goldfinches,8 long-tailed tits as well as robins,chaffinches,blue tits and even a redwing along with all the usual suspects.Come Sunday morning.....nothing,not even a bird in sight let alone in the garden.I sat patiently for two hours,pad and pen clasped eagerly in hand but someone had tipped off the birds again for the third year running.Looking forward to next year...ever the optomist.

So much for my enthusiasm. Not one single bird. I sat for ages at breakfast Sunday. Then again with a little something at eleven. Then as evening fell. Not one single bird. Of course, it did not help much that the cats were both sunning themselves obviously on top of the rabbit hutch. It's not a big garden, and bird life can be a bit erratic round here, but... nothing!? It's made me all the more determined to have a look on every other day of the year.

After seeing some of the comments concerning our feathery garden residents, I thought I must tell you of the story of a local robin that visits our garden,(for the sake of his amnesty, we will call him 'robin'!) one sunny warm autumn day last year both me and my wife was standing in the garden talking about what we were going to plant where and when the following the year.

The next thing we knew robin flew down sat on the fence in front of us both, approx 3 foot away and sat there watching and listening to us. I suddenly had the bright idea to reach out towards the bird table pick up a few seeds, and pieces of dried fruit, then hold it out in front of me. To our amazement robin flew down picked out a tasty looking piece of fruit and flew back to the fence, ever since, he or she has been back several times to be hand fed. On one particular day, robin came down whilst I was very busy gardening, and he flew down beside me, then in front of me, and wherever I moved he followed, what he was after was ONLY to be hand fed, then he flew off after having a decent feed. I'm pleased to say that he still visits. Has anyone else had this sort of experience?

For a number of years we have have had a colony of house and hedge sparrows breeding in the eaves of our house. Over the last few days we have noticed that they are now squeezing into our bluetit nest box. We have also found a dead baby bluetit in the garden. Is it early for them to be breeding and also is it normal for sparrows to be using the bluetit box. I appreciate they will get into anywhere for breeding but they really are having difficulty getting in through the hole. Also a male sparrow is sat on top the the box most of the day calling I assume for a female. Thank you in anticipation for your reply.
Yesterday I was amazed to see in my garden in Tilehurst, Reading, some very young Siskin. They were quite fluffy with very short tails. Am I wrong in thinking that these were incredibly early?
commentBox: i am on my allotment every week day. in the mornings. thers no one else ther. and when i am diging my allotment the only frend that cumes to me his the robin. for the od worm.
I have just been rather lucky to spot a lesser spotted woodpecker in my garden, the fellow was happily testing out the bird feeder with rather a lo9t of interest, i reside in the North West of england in a town called Southport and this has rather made my day. I hope he returns and that I could be privaledged to see him a frequent visitor
Just back from a walk accross Peckham Rye (SE London) and there's a large flock of Redwings (I'm pretty sure. Never seen them before) - and not shy either. Stood within feet of one for a minute.
i have a selection of birds in my garden, i have 2 wood pigeons, 2 robins,blackbirds,magpies,blue tits,i think i seen wot looked like a wren but not sure they come all the time


I recently had a rare treat in my Sheffield garden,there were 9 Blackbirds,yes 9,all jockying for was a Sunday and only by chance was I at home,very lucky.This must surely be a world record.

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