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I bet my shed's in a worse state than yours. I can't actually get in the door now. I have to reach over stacked bikes, to reach precariously for the tool box or the packet of nails. Each entry is a mission requiring crampons and back-up at base camp.
I have just read the comments on tidying the shed and although my shed is not too bad I really need to sort out my greenhouse which has taken over from the shed I think I need to start again oh where do I start
I have just recntly perchased a lovely 8ft x 6ft shed which t the moment stands empty but give it time and the tea bags will pile up and soon we won't be able to see the floor!
I recall treating myself to a new 7'x4' shed for the allotment some years ago and being berated by older astonished skinflint plotholders (which I now seem to have magically morphed into!) who advised me sagely that I should have made it out of old doors! They should see it now though. Still untidy, still leaking and wonderful as all sheds are!


Jane has got me thinking.i'v got got get my shed tidyed up mine is like richards i can't even put 1 foot in it so gonna do it tomorrow i hope
I cleaned my shed out today, its amazing how much rubbish I got rid of,like Jane all my tools are now all shiny and clean and hanging up on the wall,its a good way to get a feel good factor. plus I can get into my shed !!!!

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