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I leave everything in my garden after its finished flowering as its good to see the birds taking seeds and tidy up in the spring while birds take stems for their nests.
as a novice gardener i am looking for advice on my honey suckle. It is growing over a high fence providing some degree of privacy, do I cut it back for winter(if so how much?)or do i leave it? many thanks
i've been offered several blackthorn bushes which are about 3ft.high.I wish to cut these back for transport etc.When is the best time for this & for transplanting
Yes i do chop but only when plants have gone past thier best then i leave the prunnings lying by the plant so the worms can do thier stuff along with the other micro-organisms unless it is woody shrubsthe then they get chopped into small pieces and composted
Jockypea: anytime between November and about March provided the ground is not frozen. Strawmoo. Only cut it back when it gets too big or unruly for the purpose for which it is intended. Honeysuckle is designed to scramble through trees (hence the common name of Woodbine) and is always a bit tricky on fences because they are a bit two dimensional.


I have a hardy banana which I would like to transplant one of the additional shoots. Trouble is its over 10ft high and the little plants are going crazy...where do I start? Stacey, Birmingham
Hi everyone, I have several different ornatmentle grasses. Do these require cutting back each year and if so when is the best time to do this. Borders2

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