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After I got my new April issue of Gardeners World Magazine Magazine I was reading through andi found the article "Toad in the hole".

I think that we should certainly support toads and frogs in and around the garden, they have many benefits that include eating pests in th garden and if we have ponds or other Toad and Frog friendly features in our gardens then they can certainly help us.

I would be very happy If any one coud give any feed back or say If they have had any sightings of them in the garden.



Many of the people down my street also have ponds, but we don't, but we get many little toads and frogs (Some big ones too!) any way. We also have  a number of Toads currently living in our back Garden And Just Last Week i found a Toad Living in my Raised Garden bed !



If you have any large ceramic pots going begging, half bury one on its side in a cool spot in the garden, these make great toad houses.



We have a medium sized wildlife pond and have frogs and toads in the garden - the toads turn up in the least expected places! Even round the front of the house in amongst our wood pile a long way from any water (they can't phyiscally get around the house, so goodness knows where the ones at the front come from - no water for about half a mile minimum that way. So I made a little log pile in some long grass in the back garden and we've seen them there too now as it's made a nice natural refuge for them completely free of charge, and as it's slowly rotting has lots of little beasties for them to eat there too. For all the frogs and toads we have, we still get slugs and snail damage I'm afraid.


I regularly get frogs and toads in the garden, and very welcome they are, although it's a constant surprise to me as I don't have a pond (although there's damp shade), and none of my neighbours do, either. They must hang around, too, because some of them appear in the same bit of the garden week after week. Please does anyone know how far they can live successfully from a water source? And why would they choose to do so?



They tend just to all meet up in ponds to breed and spend most of their time outside the water

We have  two ponds- one with fish and one for frogs. The frogs always lay in the fish pond and it's a race to see whether I manage to get to them before the fish! This year I managed to get some first- put it into the frog pond whre it promptly sank out of sight- never to be seen again! When the next lot of spawn arrived I took some and put it into a bowl- some has hatched- I will wait a couple of weeks then transfer to frog pond.The frogs do a stirling job of keeping my hostas clear of slugs and give me much enjoyment watching them catch flies in the Summer evenings.

I also love to see Frog spawn in ponds and lakes but I have never seen any hatch.

Dragon 87

When we first moved here (in france ) we were bemused by what sounded like a car alarm gone wrong !? (beep,beep,beep,beep, etc )

Toads abound & now appreciated !    (Nature)

Regards David

We Have found a strange hole in the soil near one of the drains in our garden, I think that it may belong to either Toads or Frogs has anyone else got any Ideas?.

Andrew, .... .

Dragon 87

I beleive that moles can sometimes pop out without leaving the traditional mound !?

so as to move around/travel @ night ! Not as though i'll stay up to see ! ... good luck 1

Dragon 87

HI Andrew .. Sorry to be a pain ,  but could also be Wasps /snakes..

I've been "had" a few times for example , by wasps, after Trimmimg around awkward areas !   

BEES GOOD !  wasps not

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