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Talkback: Toad tadpoles

Hi Kate just got back from taking the dogs for a walk in Nonsuch Park,Like walking on a sponge with all this rain but it has started to fill...

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Hi Kate just got back from taking the dogs for a walk in Nonsuch Park,Like walking on a sponge with all this rain but it has started to fill all the brooks that feed the ponds, I haven't seen any wildlife in the ponds only dogs,I noticed that there are quite a lot of Elm still surviving as they come into leaf but they have signs of Elm disease on there trunks,I hope they can find a way to preserve them, As a boy I can remember climbing one in the road I live in,It must have been 50 foot tail and I got a wallop from my Mum.

Dave Oldchppiy
Much more interesting itinerary for your run than the Bristol Downs where I see fun joggers and serious runners on my way to the Bot. garden, Kate, but they don't have time like I do on my walk to inspect interesting fungi, wild flowers in the meadow area, and insects everywhere, so i expect you would take time out to do the same. I seemed to wait an inordinate time to see my first tadpoles this year too because of the summer like early spring.
PS That photo looks like a beautiful mermaid.
Mermaid, That a picture of Kate.

 Reluctant Gardener
Keep going, Kate. When I used to do 10Ks (a few years ago) my stopping off point was the chip shop. Your motivational tool is a lot healthier!


We have a beautiful pond that we have kept natural for the wildlife, we have foxes badgers and all manor of birds. We had literally thousands of what I thought was frog tadpoles but from your description they are more likely to be Toads. I will watch them develop and let you know.

Kate Bradbury

Thanks for all your comments.

@happymarion, yes I do stop to, er, look at the fungi! That's what I tell my running friends anyway. It seems such a shame to run by all of these wonderful things and not see them.

@Oldchippy I wish I were as lovely and graceful-looking as that tadpole!

@Reluctnt Gardener, the chip shop is often a stop point after the tadpoles, Mandy!

@Shed - that sounds beautiful. I look forward to hearing about your tadpoles


Good Morning- I live in Sherborne and my wildlife Garden has received acclaim from both Dorset Wildlife Trust & Sherborne in Bloom. My several thousands of tadpoles are very visable, as I feed them on Lambs Liver- which after 10 minutes is a mass of black !! I can provide photos if appropriate - regards - Patrick J Green

Kate Beauty is in the eye of the beholder what ever that means Mermaid!!!!!!!!!!


Glyn from
I would love a pond like that as well by the sounds of it! Great description about the behavioural differences between frog and toad tadpoles as well - good luck with the training!
last year i had a small wildlife pond put in and then my resident toad moved in and I saw long strands with black spots,was not sure what they were so took some out. Anyway very soon after i saw over a hundred tadpoles swimming around. Their mum? makes a brief appearance now and again. To be honest i was expecting frogs to move in as i have read toads only breed in large ponds!My pond is fairly small so totally surprised with results

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