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Good luck to Toby, I've enjoyed his guest spots on GW and can see that he follows Geoff Hamilton's way of gardening. Keep up the budget projects - we all need to watch our spending these days and it's good to see promising results without the need to spend a fortune at the garden centre. Carol and Joe have done a great job since Monty left, but Carol had said she wanted to spend more time in Devon, so I'm not surprised that she is not going to be Head Gardener permanently. Just one question - why isn't Alys named as a presenter in the credits? She is very enthusiastic and an inspiration to younger gardeners.
Very sad to see that the wonderfully enthusiastic Carol was not given the job. She has the ability to convey her love for gardening. Haven't yet seen Toby so will be interested to see how he does.
Am I the only one to find Carol Klein's presentation style annoying? Yes she is very enthusiastic but the voice can get on your nerves after a short while. I would have thought that Chris Beardshaw was the ideal candidate, as he has been overlooked in the past perhaps he has upset someone. Anyway good to Toby Buckland(whoever you are!).
Carol klein made an excellent main presenter of Gardeners World. The BBC may have done audience research, pity they didn't take notice of the overwhelming support for Carol and given her the job!
Very sad that there have been so many comments against the appointment of Toby Buckland. I personally am looking forward to a new presenter, having not enjoyed much of the past weeks efforts by other members of the team - finding some of it a bit abrasive. Good luck to Toby, and please give him a chance before you condemn.


Congrats to Toby and I am sure he is more than aware of how big Monty's shoes are to fill, so let's give him some time to settle into the role. Carol and Joe have done an excellent job as stated above, but what about the lovely Alys? She has been a breath of fresh (and very attractive) air and I hope she continues to play a large role in the front of house, with her knowledgeable and entertaining pieces. Please don't retreat Alys, we were just getting to know you.
I for one am glad Toby got the job. I love Carol,Alys, and Joe, but they don't have the ease of gardening that the likes of Geoff Hamilton and Alan Titchmarsh had. I agree with less of the fancy camera angles, please, let's have good old fashioned gardening, that encourages people to grow things, ANY things!
Oh give the man a chance everyone! I was devastated when Alan Titchmarsh left but it did not stop ne watching. As always there will be things I don't agree with on the programme and things I love to see. Toby good luck.
I would also have liked Carol to head the team or the mixed shared role of late but please give the bloke a chance, lets see him in action before shooting him down.
I am so pleased that Toby has been chosen. I was about to turn the T.V. over if I had to watch and listen to Carol eat, I did notice the change with her voice, she may be very good at what she does but the voice just grinds. Joe was never going to get the job, he should be handing over the allotment slot to the allotmenteers as they know what we want to know.Having my own plot I was looking forward to seeing Joe's, but what a let down, at least we all had a good laugh down the allotment. I really hope Toby goes back to basics as there is a lot of new gardeners out there.So I will be watching and looking for some new ideas and some good old basic tips. Good luck Toby.
I am rather disappointed in the announcement that the new presenter of BBC Gardeners World is Toby Buckland. Having seen him in action on TV several times previously he does not have the spark and charisma that the programme needs from a head gardener. I would love to have seen Chris Beardshaw or Andy Sturgeon or Carol Klein given a chance, or maybe they did not apply! Maybe next time!
I agree with most of the above. I have thoroughly enjoyed the team sharing the presenting and would have liked this format to continue. For me Monty is going to be a much harder act to follow than Alan. Although I enjoyed Alan's presenting style, I actually learnt more about plants and the nitty gritty of gardening from Monty and his team. Time will tell.
I hope that Toby Buckland will be a good choice for main presenter of Gardeners' World. For me also recently the show has lost a lot of something; its not been the Gardeners World I used to look forward to on a Friday night lets hope Toby can put that something (Geoff Hamilton) back. I'm glad it is not Carol Klein, her voice can get on your nerves after a short while; she is just too enthusiastic!(getting rid of the awful opening music is not a bad idea). I hope that Alys will be in the programme. I like her way of presenting very much.
I remember thinking when dear Geoff died oh they will never find anyone to replace him. When even more Alan left I again thought no way who can they find. And then along came Monty Who on earth was Monty Don not really heard much about him but boy has he shown his skills talent and honesty. I am sure that very soon we will all be saying wow what an amazing. Yes he will present differently and have different ideas but that’s what makes the world a great place to live the variety. Good Luck Toby can't wait for you to Strut your stuff and wield your trowel.
We would have liked Carol too. She has been a breath of fresh air to GW and so enthusiastic. I don't know Toby Buckland so I can comment on him. I hope he brings energy and enthusiasm in bucket loads. We love the new 1 hour format and hope that none of the really good things to follow on from Monty's departure will not be lost.


I have to say I've amazed by the negativity here! Toby Buckland is an excellent choice. He'll bring a much needed breath of fresh air. As a professional gardener myself, he's one of the few people who actually inspires me with his Geoff Hamilton-like enthusiasum and hands on approach. In fact, it was he and his wife Lisa on their old show 'Garden Magic'(along with Monty & Carol on 'Real Gardens') that helped fire up my interest in gardening in the first place,showing that anybody can garden if they want to. All the very best Toby! I look forward to seeing you in action.
I am most disappointed that Carol Klein is not presenting Gardeners World, she has been doing a fantastic job, if not bring back Alan Titchmarsh.
I am so disappointed that Carol Klein was not chosen as the new presenter of Gardener's World! I was really looking forward to it! She was the ideal choice and I cannot believe it. She has an infectious enthusiasm for gardening and is a pleasure to watch! Why not a woman for a change?
Geoff, Alan, Monty and now Toby. All have their own inimitable style of presenting and all have contributed greatly to the joy of gardening. Carol is infectious with her enthusiasm and she grows on you. Would love to see more women involved in the programme, enjoyed Anne Swithinbank too, perhaps guest appearances as she is very knowledgeable on plant disease etc. Carry on gardening...