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I'm sure the other presenters were consulted prior to the decision. I just hope we continue with a program that educates. Yes the music is rubbish... go back to the guitar version! Good luck Toby. (Give the fella a chance).
I lost my bet; Carol Klein didn't get it. I'm sorry I missed the 'extensive viewer research'! Good luck to Toby, but more detail and not less is what I want. And where does the awful music throughout come from?
Congratulations to Toby. Its funny how we resist change but unless we try new things how will we ever learn? I'm surprised at the amount of negative comments regarding Tobys appointment over Carol. Whilst I enjoy watching the other members of the team I'm really looking forward to watching Toby and feel his appointment is right for the programme. Gardening has many facets and many different gardeners and I believe Toby has something for all of us!
Let's give Toby Buckland a chance. I've always enjoyed Monty Don's quiet style of presentation. Jo Swift, Sarah Raven and Rachel de Thame are all excellent presentres but maybe have other commitments preventing them from taking the lead role? As long as I'm not subjected to Ms Klein's over done enthusiasm with her ghastly jerky delivery style I'm happy to continue to watch Gardeners World.
The arrogance of the BBC is positively breathtaking. Carol has every qualification there is to be main presenter of the programme, yet the BBC saw fit to insult her. I understand there was some "audience research". I would love to know who was asked for an opinion. I've canvassed friends and gardeners all over the country, and none were consulted, or knows anyone who was. Shame on you, BBC. You profess to listen, but you never hear.


I would have loved a programme which delievered sound advice from proper gardeners with real experience. That's why it's such a shame that the BBC felt that Carol's decades of experience counted for nothing against a man with relatively little. She has been gardening longer than he has been alive. Go on BBC prove us all wrong. Publish your extensive research - that's assuming you actually undertook any of any real value.
I have just read that Carol Klein was not given the opportunity for the lead role on Gardeners World. I am both angry and saddened that the BBC could so blatantly ignore the very obvious talent of Ms Klein and her growing popularity with viewers. In recent times the programme had come of age. For the first time it really related to everyday gardeners and I know that a new generation of viewers was now watching the programme. I wish Mr Buckland well but I am staggered that a rather lacklustre presenter has been chosen when candidates such as Klein and Beardshaw were available. A huge misjudgement by the BBC and one I am sure they will regret.
How astonishing that the BBC did not interview Carol Klein - she is a wonderful presenter with knowledge, skill, experience and the ability to communicate with all. Gardeners World has been much more interesting and accessible since she, Joe Swift, Chris Beardshaw, Sarah Raven etc have been presenting the show, but Carol Klein's knowledge and obvious love of plants is inspirational. What goes on at the BBC? We have seen Tony Buckland on other programmes and there has been nothing special about him.
Very sad & disappointed to hear that Carol hasn't got the job & would love to know why - Her age, her sex?? Shame on you!
Well, despite the Telegraph article re Carol not getting it, I am really pleased it went to Toby. Whilst he, and the other presenters, leave me inspired the state of Carol's Devon garden (which I have visited!), and her supercilious manner leaves me with the urge to 'throw in the trowel' re my gardening. Good luck, Toby!
I said on an earlier post that women who don't get a job frequently claim there is a glass ceiling when they don't get a job. I see that, if true, in today's paper that Carol is claiming a "grass" ceiling, no doubt she will then sue the BBC and resign as surely she couldn't continue to work for an organisation if that is what she thinks (or does she get paid too much for that?).
I have nothing against Toby Buckland - I have never actually seen him present anything. My problem is this - Carol Klein has been presenting the programme since Monty left, and what a fine job she is making of it. I have read that the BBC followed a lengthy and detailed process of recruitment including audience research - as one of the audience I am unaware of any research. Anyone out there been asked?
I believe the BBC has made a big mistake not asking the enthusiastic and inspirational Carol Klein to be the new head of GW. Reading the comments above and press, the message is clear, the BBC have made a mistake. Its the sign of a mature organisation to admit they've made a mistake...listen to your viewers!
Even though I have not seen much of Toby on the TV gardening programmes I do wish him luck. I think that all of the presenters that have been a part of gardeners world over the years should all have equal time to show their own skills in gardening and showing good practice. Why is there a need to one person over another.
Lets see how this works out. Personally I dislike the over-stressed delivery of Carol Klein. Perhaps Alys could have a bigger role, she presents clearly and gives a feeling of imparting reliable information.


Well done Toby, whoever you are for securing the head gardeners job, but I hope that the BBC will not go back to the boring camera angles that make the programme look like a 1970's school science programme. I love the way that the BBc have been back and forth giving each presenter a specialist area that they can develop, Joe is great at the allotment, as it shows that anyone can learn something new, so all those allotment holders out there (yes I am one too!) give him a chance, don't expect him to learn all there is to know about growing veggies in one season.
I look forward to seeing how Gardeners World will be, with Toby at the helm. Carol, Joe and Alys worked well as a team,and I did enjoy their format, so only time will tell! Also, please don't banish Alys, as I love her refreshing,informative approach to the programme.
I hope that Monty is making a good recovery, he is a big miss! I am really disappointed that the wonderful and inspirational Carol Klein was not even invited for the appointment as head presenter she makes the programme and the BBC have been remiss in their protocol. I thought sexism and ageism was being erradicated seems not, why doesn't poor Alys get mentioned in the credits?
Carol Klein was the obvious choice for presenter but I wish Toby well. It is about time a female presented the programe, apart from the fact that Carol has a passion that hasn't been seen since the great Geoff Hamilton
So sorry to hear Carol did not get the top job at Gardeners' World but according to the Daily Telegraphs comments on 23/8/08 she was not even considerered for the post, which I think she would have liked. I am not sure that Toby Buckland is the right person. The first I heard of him was when he appeared recently on the programme and was not very impressed with his woodland garden. Women are just as interested in gardening and a women presenter would have made a refreshing change, after all she came of the subs bench to step in with Joe Swift when Monty left. She has also had award winning gardens at Chelsea, credentials enough I would say.