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Give the man a chance! I can't say I was especially pleased when Monty was chosen initially, but warmed to him over time and the same may be true of any other new presenter.

One thing I do look forward to is the return of practical diy ideas, if Toby's fantastic recycled building at Gardener's World Live is anything to go by. It would be nice to get some new Heath Robinson/Geoff Hamilton creations on screen, rather than just seeing people put plants into holes they've dug.

I hope he brings a new slant to the programme and injects some changes into the format. Less design, more gardening please!

If Chris Beardshaw was interested in the job it's a travesty he wasn't chosen. His depth of knowledge is formidable & presentation style inspirational. Toby is OK but by comparison a complete lightweight. I'm so glad Carole Klein didn't get the job - if she says 'sort of' once in a programme, she must say it 30 times - drives me spare.
I would have loved Carol to be chosen - she is an inspiration - but I guess she is also a very busy lady. When Geoff Hamilton sadly passed away, I thought GW would never be the same again, but Alan and Monty brought their own take and special character to Friday nights - so lets give Toby a chance!
Good luck to Toby. Hope he brings Gardeners World back to the same standard as Geoff and Alan. It's gotten a little to arty farty of late. I've taken to recording the programme so that I can fast forward through Joe's allotment spots (would be more interesting if we didn't have to suffer the drivel with the camera man prompting inane commentary!) I am growing veg for the first time this year, but don't find this type of TV helpful. Joe is a great presenter, but not in this format - he drones! I do enjoy Carols' spots - she is so enthusiastic and makes you want to get out there and have a go.
I was so incredibly disappointed and amazed that Carol has not been appointed to replace Monty. Her generous spirit of presentation has been more interesting and engaging than anything we have seen for a long time on Gardener's World. The content has been more dynamic and the ethos of teamwork, rather than one dominant personality, altogether more entertaining. How refreshing too, to have a female presenter. Poor old BBC! So stuck in it's thinking. You've missed a brilliant opportunity here and it's such a shame.


So so disappointed with the choice of Tony Buckland, boring, uninspiring and had a charisma bypass. Should have kept the team or appointed a woman presenter if Carol did not want to do it. Is this what I pay my licence fee for? The sooner the BBC loses its funding and people had to pay to watch its programmes then we might get to watch we want rather than what they think we ought to watch with their 'Mummy knows best' attitude. Shame on you.
I'm glad that Carol didn't get it. I could never stand her presenting style, yes she might be a decent gardener, but there is more to Gardener's World than that. You have to have to be a good presenter, sadly Carol isn't.
Congratulations to Toby - Look forward to a Geoff Hamilton style I used to like the things he made as well as his gardening. Please please do stop the funny camera angles - they make my eyes ache - and can we please have camera on presenters hands when they are planting - not their faces! Sorry to complain - one more request do you think its possible that Monty will make a visit to Berryfields when he is fully recovered?
Another bad decision from the BBC - Carol Klein or Joe Swift were the obvious successors to Monty Don. Very disappointing and shortsighted. The show is already going twee - will it go further down the line? I won't be switching on as often.
I started watching Gardeners' World again when Carol Klein started presenting the programme. She was excellent. I am very disappointed that she was not chosen to continue.
I am so sorry that Carol Kleine wasn't offered the presenting post. In my opinion she is the best.
Hi, i think toby buckland is a very good choice, i loved watching him and Lisa davis (his wife), on garden magic he is very down to earth. good luck to him, liz
I like Carol but what about Rachel de Thame she would have had a good following we don't see enough of her.
I think the BBC have been both sexist and ageist in not letting Carol Kleine carry on presenting Gardeners World. She has done a brilliant job with Jo and Alys since Monty Don left. She shows you how to fill your garden with cuttings and seeds and not spend vast amounts of money on plants like Monty did, which most of us cannot afford. I cannot comment on Tony as I do not know him very well, but I am very disappointed in the BBC not giving a woman the job.
Like some of the above i am also pleased that Toby has been chosen. Having seen his garden at Gardeners World live and some of his previous TV work i think he will relate well to people who garden on a smaller scale, as Alan and Geoff did with there gardens divided into smaller areas. Projects at Berryfields always seem to be on such a large scale that it is sometimes difficult to relate to (especially the long borders). Thanks to Carol, Joe and the wonderfull Alys (a real find of the future). Lets get behind the new team and wish them all well.


I'm sure Toby Buckland is aware of the expectations of the viewers! Let's withold judgement until we see him present a few programmes. Please may we continue to see Alys develop her calm, thoughtful role. Thank you for not appointing the irritating Ms Klein, dreadful and I'm sure phoney style.
My husband & I are SO disappointed that Carol was not chosen to be the lead presenter on Gardener's World. I know of Toby from reading his column in another magazine, and from telly spots- I do like him, but Carol is by far and away who we wanted to see in the job, especially seeing as she has been basically doing it anyway. We are considering not watching anymore... I definitely won't be buying the magazine anymore. I will buy the weekly paper where Carol writes a wonderful column,and where she seems to be appreciated!
Congratulations to Toby, looking forward to some new ideas for Berryfields. Please could we have the proper signature tune back.
I have my own opinions on who I would have liked to present GW and have enjoyed the shared approach which has been used since Monty was taken ill. However, whatever my preferences, I am aghast at the nasty and hurtful personal comments made by other people on this blog when expressing theirs. By all means tell us who you would prefer, but please bear in mind how you would feel if you had read some of these comments about yourselves. Let's face it, none of us is perfect and probably all have aspects of our personality which may annoy others. Shame on you! You know who you are! I don't think I'll bother to read comments in future. I'll stick to the plants!!
When Monty took over, he insisted on overalls and dirty hands and tried to "keep it real" but, in our opinion, it seemed that the production team got him tidied up and made the whole programme "slicker", dislocated from the viewing gardeners. Similarly Carol Klein started out as we knew her but she was increasingly "made over" and her natural enthusiasm was encouraged to the point of falseness. We find Alys's straight-forward instructive style is exactly what we need. Could the production team please take note? (Incidentally, we loved "The Big Dig")