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The person best suited for the job should get it and only time will now tell. However, the trouble with this appointment is the lack of transparency. Was it done through open application with equal consideration for the experience and qualifications of all those who applied regardless of age and gender? If so, then people can only be considered if they applied. Can we know how many applied and how many were shortlisted with reference to males/females and age breakdown? Or, was it done through some sort of public poll? If it was the latter, where are the results as nobody seems to have been part of this poll?
Good Luck to Toby, there seem to be so many negative comments, lets at least give him a chance. I hope Alys gets more air time as I think she is what the show sometimes lacks and that is a younger person.
Good luck Toby - looking forward to a refreshed Gardeners World autumn programme. All these negative comments must be very hard to take, maybe it is just too easy to tap out a quick blog entry delivering far harsher comments than one would have written in a more carefully thought-out letter.

There are countless keen devotees of GW out here - several in our office in fact, for whom the programme is a Friday night highlight after a busy week. Please pass on my regards to Monty and to all the presenters who are so committed to this programme. Like many, I trust that Alys will play an increasing role and I sincerely wish you well with what must be quite a daunting task. Now I am going to get outside and do some gardening myself!

Kind regards, Susan

Congratulations to Tony Buckland on becoming the front of Gardeners World, I like his ideas of using and reusing and the more enviromental approach - lets hope this does not change. I hope Carol and Joe continue contributing. One request thought remember gardens are getting smaller so lets have less of acres and acres and show more of what can be done with limited space and on a limited budget and within an eco framework.
Absolutely astounded that Carol Klein was (according to the Telegraph) not even considered for the position. Carol has been an absolute inspiration to me as a gardener. Thanks to her enthusiasm I now have raised beds full of veg and this year have been taking cuttings and collecting seeds. With the current economic climate her gardening ethos would be well suited. Appointing Toby smacks of both ageism and sexism. As a director of a small business I cannot get away with either (nor would contemplate either!) and yet the BBC seems to be able to do both, boldly in public. Shame on you!


Anyone inspired by Geoff is fine by me! At least he has horticultural qualifications and is not just a knowledgeable amateur. (Apologies to Monty/Carol if I'm wrong.) But I think we need to get back to basics - less visits to admire other gardens more 'what to do now' and smaller projects, we've not all got large areas to work on.
I entirely agree with Debbie (28 August). Give Toby Buckland a chance. Dear Geoff Hamilton inspired my interest in gardening and I thought no one could take his place but each of the presenters brings something different to the programme and I appreciate virtually all of their contributions, though I admit to missing Chris Beardshaw's contributions.

I also agree with the pleas to do away with the flashy camera angles!

Gardening is my passion,and I can't wait for the highlight of my week which is to sit down on a Friday night and watch Gardeners' World. I cried when Geoff sadly passed away. I accepted Alan - difficult task after Geoff. I cheered when Monty got the job, and will miss him enormously, but hope to see him fully recovered and contributing to other things as well as the GW magazine! Well done, Toby. It will be lovely to see you head this wonderful TEAM. It is not up to one individual to make the programme a success, it is every one of the presenters, the production team, etc, etc, etc. I even love to see Alys' dog trotting around. Can't wait for the start of the new series - roll on tomorrow evening!!
Very brave of the team to chose someone less prominent. I have seen Toby working on Garden Magic and find his ideas refreshing. Good luck and hope all the other possible presenters who are usually very busy will find him easy to work with and bring us a new look with the traditional information. Also hope Alys will still have a slot as I have enjoyed that too. Keep gining us good gardening assistance. Good luck to the team
Please give Carol Klein her own programme, she has so much enthusiasm. Enough said!!!!
Have just watched Toby presenting his first Gardeners World and thought he was very good, very relaxed and a joy to watch. Gook luck Toby!
Toby Buckland? Excellent choice! My passion is gardening, yet I have hardly able to watch Gardener's World since Alan Titchmarsh left. I was left bored and cold with continual Vegetable and compost trials! Once again, I can look forward to Friday evenings.
very disappointed Carol Klein was passed over as the new presenter. She did a great job when Monty has to leave. Is this ageist
I think Toby did a wonderful job of presenting Gardener's World. I thought his idea of carrying a saw or salt in his back pocket were very funny, I'm always traipsing back to my shed for tools. He has inspired me to grow and eat Basil with my tomatoes for extra taste. I look forward to Friday evenings once again. Thank you Toby.
Excellent start by Toby!! I must admit, I wanted Chris Beardshaw as main presenter, but felt that anyone must be an improvement on Monty Don!! Toby is 1000 times better and seems to fit in with the presenting styles of Joe and Carol.Can't wait for the rest of the series - only wish each programme was an hour long.Well done Toby!!


I am not sad that Carol did not get the job. She is enthusiastic but despite her vast knowledge I find that not enough is imparted to the viewer. I have read articles that Toby has written and found them informative, productive and interesting. This was also borne out by last weeks Gardeners world. I for one like his presentation style. I do not consider myself old but I remember with fondness previous presenters and I am sure Toby will be an asset for the BBC.
Gave Toby a second chance this week, last week he showed us how to edge lawn! This week even more dire with some stiff bedding and truly awful trellis. I had an open mind as never heard of him. Unfortunately recent programmes have been so strong- Carol really came into her own, and Sarah Raven's hour long wildflower programme was fascinating,her late father's botanical studies delightful. I have been watching since Geoff Hamilton,but found myself channel-hopping tonight.We are a sophisticated audience and can cope with plants with long names!
What was wrong with Carol Klein and Joe Swift continuing to present Gardeners World. They stepped in when Monty became ill and kept the show going in their enthusiastic, inspiring and happy way. Has the BBC never heard the saying "if it aint broke don't fix it." Now the heart seems to have gone from the programme.
Leave off Toby!! He's got a good gardening pedigree and I think will surprise many. A career gardener is needed and I think he will prove to be in the Geoff Hamilton model if given a chance. Monty despite his persona, irritated many.
Well done Toby, we enjoy your easy style of informed presentation. Gardener's World will once again become regular Friday night viewing for us for the first time since Alan moved onto pastures new.