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I have been watching Gardeners' World since the 1970's and in the past even taped the weeks I missed.

After Geoff Hamilton it gradually deteriorated to the extent that in the last couple of years I often haven't bothered to switch it on, and if I did would switch off halfway through, there was so little of interest. Plus I found the presenters "breathless enthusiasm" combined with lack of gardening skill truly irritating (apart, that is from Alys Fowler Sarah Raven and Rachel de Thame).

Trying the last 2 weeks episodes I must say I am intially impressed with the relaxed presenting style coupled with interesting gardening tips from the new presenter, and it is good to see Alys taking a larger part. I will be following the series with renewed interest.

I have spoken to others about this, and there is unanimous agreement that things seem to have taken a turn for the better.

I had given up watching the show on a regular basis due to (in my opinion) the mismatch manner of presentation. Although some subject matter was interesting it didn't quite catch or rekindle my enthusiasm. I decided out of curiosity to watch Tobys first show... I haven't turned off since, the man is a godsend to gardening. At last practical tips and a hands on approach that I have missed oh so much and so easy to follow, he applies himself to ideas and jobs that we would all do rather than just consider. I for one congratulate Toby and his liberating approach, not least because he has succeeded in converting me back to the fore!
I watched Gardeners' World with great interest on Friday, keen to see our new leader, Toby Buckland in action. I have to say I greatly approve of the BBC's choice. What an excellent and inspiring presenter. He reminds me in many ways of a cross between Geoff Hamilton and Alan Titchmarsh. As a relatively new greenhouse owner, I look forward to his weekly spot on setting up and using a small greenhouse.

Finally, might I just chide those who have given Toby such a dismal welcome. Change happens- move with it or be left behind. As time goes on Toby will equal if not surpass his illustrious predecessors. Give the man a break!

Are all those saying Mr Buckland is doing a good job watching another show to me ?! I'm sorry but I've given him two chances and its just awful, I mean really, really awful. He pants away with garbled speech and no gravitas whatsoever presenting the most trivial information - greenhouses are really good you know! I enjoyed Geoff Hamilton, I warmed to Alan Titchmarsh, I enjoyed Monty Don but this is just... awful. I've nothing against Mr Buckland personally but he just comes across as a little man completely out of his depth. After what, 20 odd years of watching GW and defending every presenter change that game along, I can no longer bear to watch it - I really cannot stand it. You must be a much more generous bunch than me!!
All I can say is that I have watched Gardeners' World since Geoff Hamilton presented it and the only reason I am continuing to watch it is because of Carol. Why she wasn't chosen to present it I don't know but I am sorely disappointed. I hope the programme improves. Ever the optimist, Honesty.


I also had my own ideas about who I'd have liked to be the new presenter (Chris B or Carol). Although I've a lot of respect for Monty I never really got on his wavelength like I had with Alan. I'd got to the point where I was recording and watching the prog on 'fast'. But Toby - Great! Like a friend next door. It's got me all enthusiastic again. Keep it up!!
In Toby Buckland we at last have a person who gives sensible garden advice. But last week the best tip came from the amateur on the allottment. Please stop Carol Klein trying to give vegetable advice; it is almost always wrong (eg planting leeks in October).John
Sensible gardening advice? Lacklustre more like. What's with all the carrying shovelfulls of grass around and using Monty Don's great garden bench for a watering area. Give Carol her job back and stop patronising Joe and treating him as a novice gardener when he co-presented the show for weeks. Yes we need more of the old enthusiasm back. Oh, and if the BBC had to bypass Joe and Carol, what about enthusiastic gardener and horticulturist Christine Walkden as main presenter.
well toby its your chance to put your name with the big names, so good luck. and good gardening. from all of us northwood kirkby allotments nr liverpool, good luck at gardenersworld. when you are gardening in berryfields think of us' because we will be watching you.
I like Carol klien, but she would not be good as a presentor for the world show (GW). She's too over-the-top.... Toby is more relaxed and he reminds me of Jeff Hamilton :~))
I think Toby will make a great presenter for Gardeners World, he has that laid back approach and great knowledge that the series needs. He seems to have alittle of all the past presenters mixed with his own manner and approach. Good choice BBC
Cant stand Toby he is boring to watch and it is obvious that Joe and Carol and Alys don't gel with him and are always at the allotment or in Devon! Don't blame them, he is patronising and has not inspired me to rush out to try any of his suggestions....BORING.....Chris Beardshaw, Christine Walkden or Carol should definately have got the job. Get rid of him!
carol is the only one that as not been with toby joe as alys as socome on carol lets see you with toby to stop all the gosip and lets get on with the thing we all like and thats garding good gardening toby
Well, I've given Toby a chance over the last few weeks but can honestly say that his 'style' does nothing for me. Very boring. Gardeners World used to be the start of my weekend but unfortunately I've stopped watching. Liked Alys with Monty but she never got credit on the roll up. Think Alys should be head gardener, she's got a nice way and is very individual!
Thank goodness that we have Toby Buckland as the new presenter, much better than Monty Don, down to earth and I really liked the way he visited Barnsdale and linked back to the late Geoff Hamilton. Thank you BBC I will once again enjoy watching GW on Friday evenings.


I do not enjoy watching gardeners world anymore. Don't really like toby buckland. I think someone with more love of gardening would of been better. Chris beardshaw or Carol Klien. Least Monty was passoniate about the plants. Toby comes across as thrifty
Monty made Gardener's World my favourite programme and I have become passionate about gardening thanks to watching him and Carol. I always learnt something from their programmes. The new look version is just awful and more like watching childrens tv. I have given up watching the one program I used to really look forward to. Shame on the BBC!
Sorry but Gardeners World has lost its way by passing over Carol, but then I am biased having had the pleasure of making a program with her ( Open Gardens )I can assure the critics her enthusiasm knowledge and good Humour are 100%genuine she should have got the job.
yes i still miss carol and her enthusiasm have just read in the paper that the programme has now been taken off what a great start to the gardening year they don't know what they are doing
I have to say that the recent series of Gardeners world are the most disappointing. What has happened to practical gardening. Each week we are presented with "Hairy Fairy" ideas that can only appeal to a small minority of viewers. Watching so called experts indulge themselves in personal projects is not Gardeners World as I knew and loved. The projects do not transfer to the everyday gardener and his garden. What happened to the teaching and sharing of real gardening. I can learn what is currently being shown from any good garden book. A very switched of gardener. Bring back Monty Don!