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i have nothing aganst toby but the program is boring to what it was i think the mag is better than the program at the moment or go on the gardening chanel on the tv and look at the old ones what do you think
FAO Carol Klein, I really enjoy all garden programmes, and love spending time pottering in my own garden. I notice that you enjoy wearing garden related jewellery as do I, and wonder if I could send you a gift from my Country Garden Collection. I am a jewellery designer maker using silver as the medium so if you are interested, please have a look at my website at Best wishes from Anne
carol klein is the only one on the program that is geting down to the real thig and thats gardening with the three gardeners that she is showing how to take cuttings from plants
I like many others wondered if Toby buckland would do well.... But i think has done brillant, i like the fact that he really explains things but keeps it simple and Joe brings sense of humour to the progamme... Alice is quirky and just like Toby brings good affordable ideas i love that. Carol i like her for me her cutting and propergation is really her thing but i would like to see some things from beginning to end to see what where how they have grown etc ... love the programme
hi toby hi like your show i wish it was on every night as i get some good stuff of your show for my garden can you help me with something when is the best time to pick my seeds of my wallflowers as i have some in my garden and i would like to pick the them before the cold weather comes in my email addres is if you want to send me some info thanking you mr john deakin keep up the good work in the show john


It's October 2011 and and both of us are still missing Toby Buckland and his team. There was a great atmosphere on Gardeners World while he was there and good gardening advice. Why was he cast out of the 'Garden'? BRING HIM BACK PLEASE!
I think every one thought Carol would be chosen but I think she is a very busy lady and maybe does enough in her busy life, as much as I would have chosen her myself, would have been nice to have a woman for a change but remember it isn't her only job, she does have a family and her own nursery. Kay

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