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Don't know where BBC Birmingham did their 'lot of audience research'. Having never missed Gardener's World, I never heard any requests for viewer's opinions. Hope Chris Beardshaw and Carol weren't passed over. Never heard of Toby. On his visit to Gardener's World he seemed pleasant but time will tell if he has the personality to make the program his own. Please may we have the names of the plants shown on the screen?
I have been really enjoing Gardeners World not having a main presenter and the role being shared. I have also very much enjoyed the much higher presence of female presenters and I do especially adore watching Carol Kleine, I do hope that she still has a main role in the new programme. I look forward to watching Tony and wish him luck , I will watch with interest where he leads the programme in the future.
Oh I so wanted Chris Beardshaw, he would have so cheered up my Friday nights!! He would of been a lovely start to the weekend!
Congratulations to Toby Buckland for his new appointment as our new " Head Gardener". I look forward to watching him and all the team over the coming months as they inspire us to get out there !


very disappointed Carol was not given the main presenters job lets hope she continues to work at Berryfields where she is an inspiration rather than working from Glebe Cottage. i wish the new team all the best on a new era for gardeners world next time Carol!
You go for it Toby!! Don't take to heart everything you read on that forum. A small minority percentage don't actually speak for the gardening nation, no matter how elite they think they are. You are the NATIONS next GW presenter with a good team beside you. (Just have a word about cutting the fancy camera angles, eh?!?)
I can not believe that the BBC has hired Toby Buckland as the new head of Gardeners World. I have been a fan of the show all my life and have even gone on to study the subject area but this news has truly aggravated me. I think he is tedious and uninteresting to watch on screen and that woodland garden€™ he created look quite cheap and naff compared to the one Monty created for his shade garden. He has no spark to him, fine have him as a new member of the team but not head gardener. He becoming head garden has really made me think about whether to watching the new series. As a young gardener of 23 it is people of my age that the BBC needs to be keeping as we are the ones that will take the programme into the future and continue watching till our old age. And what is it with the BBC and women presenters why can they never head a show, the only jobs they tend to be given as the host is the national lottery or some show about sing pets and owners. I am truly, truly disappointed with the BBC decision and hope they reconsider before it's too late.
Why does Gardeners' World need a main presenter? Carol and Joe have done an excellent job these past few months and have shown that this format works. Think of the money that could have been saved!
Carol Klein and Joe Swift and Alice have done an excellent job and gelled well as a team in recent months. I just hope this will not be lost in the new arrangements.
I find it incredibly disappointing that the BBC could not have employed Carol or an alternative female gardener. I have also enjoyed watching without a presenter but as usual the BBC goes with the same tired old format of a male presenter/lead - no one wants to change the overall feeling of the program but come on BBC would it kill you to out a female up front or try something new.
I was pleased to hear that Toby is going to be the new presenter. I liked his woodland garden, it was something the majority of gardeners can relate to. I cheered when I heard the announcement. Gardeners' World should be about gardening for all - leave the celebrity factor to other programmes. Some people moaned about Monty when he started but note how sad we all were when he had to leave.
Hi All, We too hoped that Carol would be selected she makes the garden come alive and fills one with enthusiasm to try things new. She was always welcome in our lounge on Friday evenings, we personally have never heard of Tony, also there is no reason to have a STAR of Gardener's World. If as he says he would like to follow in the footsteps of Geoff Hamilton there maybe hope for him, one final comment how about a little more gardening and a little less going to the garden centres and purchasing pots and pots of new plants, have we lost the art of taking cuttings!!! We wait with baited breath for the start of the new series...
We are very disappointed that Toby Buckland has been choosen as the next presenter/head gardener for Gardener World. He came across as lacking in personality and his woodland garden did not inspire us. When is the BBC going to join the 21st century and choose a female presenter the likes of Carol Kleine who has done a grand job over the last few weeks in presenting the show with her bubbly enthusiasm and her wonderful personality. If not Carol there must be other female gardeners who could have a chance at this show. Or what about changeing the format to have different gardeners for a month at a time. But Gardeners World should have a female presenter.
I think Toby Buckland is an excellent choice for main presenter of gardeners world for me recently the show has lost a bit of something its not been the gardeners world I used to look forward to on a Friday night lets hope Toby can put that something back.(And Maybe start by getting rid of the awful opening music).


I think Toby will be a good presenter however I think they should have asked Alan Titchmarsh to return to the show if he had of said no then they should have made Carol Klein main presenter you can see she enjoys gardening by the way she expresses her feelings towards the plants.
Congratulations to Toby for getting the main presenting job! Although I would have liked to see Carol get the job, she is so enthusiastic and knowledgable, I sincerely wish Toby well. I look forward to seeing how the programme develops.
I think Toby is a great choice we need someone who will talk about how to grow vegetables and how to get on with it, like Monty and Geoff did.
I quite agree with the previous comments about Carol Klein, she shows such enthusiasm for the subjects that I think the BBC have missed a golden opportunity. Better luck next time.