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i live in a flat in london and only have windowsills. i have been desperate for ideas on how to grow vegetables, and which varities to grow. strawberries did well. this article has been very useful, but i was wondering if it would be possible to adapt the idea for a pot rather than a hanging basket? thanks !
Can I replace the black eyed susan with nasturtiums, I would like to pickle their seeds
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Hi -
From experience,you can grow these anywhere, really - I have a garden with dogs, so nothing can be low level - I have had success with pots bags and baskets, up to and including beefsteak tomatoes and all my veg are in bags, pots or planters, with the same effect. If they are started inside and well established, they will grow happily in whatever you choose to grow them in. They are quite tough really! Hope this helps! Jules
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PS - try tumbling toms - in pots or baskets, they are great and low maintenance and produce masses of fruit!
Great planting idea, but I love tomatoes with basil, so I'm going to give that a try. Pick and serve with mozarella!


Is there an issue with tomato fertilizer dripping onto plants below. I think I heard somewhere that it may cause foliar damage to other plants growing beneath the hanging basket.
Can you plant any tom plants in hanging baskets ? i'm afraid of them braking.

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