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My choice of tomatoes all grown in a unheated greenhouse are, Alicante, Moneymaker, Ailsa Craig, Gdnrs Delight, and Bejbino (DT Brown). Bejbino is similar to Gdnrs Delight. My tip to prevent mildew is to ventilate well even leaving the greenhouse doors open 24 hrs a day when conditions allow,my other tip is to keep seedlings on the dry side
I have found Piccolo to have the best flavour, markedly better the Gardener's Delight. Seed is very hard to find, however.
advise please i planted my toms from seeds about five weeks ago, now large strong plants, but leaves have white patches that look like they are going to turn brown,( growing in my green house)what am i doing wrong
I am growing melon tomatoes for the first time, do I take out side shoots as per ordinary tomatoes?


I have seen, somewhere, that you can train tomato plants up and along the greenhouse roof. I have fixed staging in my greenhouse so need to do this to accommodate the plant. However I am not sure how to get that first bend from straight upright to curving up the roof without breaking the stem. Please could anyone suggest how to do this. Thank you
I grow 6 plants of Shirley and 3 of a.n.other.This year it was Gardeners Delight. Both have a great flavour.I make soup with Shirley,delicious.I have to tie up every truss of Shirley.They are so heavy.If I didn't they would break off.Anyone else with this problem.

I Have tried them all some do better than others so this year i have grown  Ailsa Craig they are an old variety nice size colour and flavour let you all  know how I got on .

Regards Rich 

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