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Help!!! I have a pigmy water lilly which I have had for several years, in 2007 it had 11 flowers on it through the season and was stunning. Last year I re-potted it using proper water lilly compost and later on it developed some kind of illness which resulted in no flowering at all. Any leaves that were above the water level seemed fine but those in the water turned yellow, then brown and just seemed to rot away. The stems also seemed to have been shredded! Is this water lilly beetle or do I have a virus of some sort and what can I do?
It is good to see these trees making a come back after many of the giants being felled for safety fears. They are credited with ability to drain land because they are happy in wet soil and will use so much water as they grow marsh becomes meadow?
NO FUNNY AT ALL for us, the sufferers of near by "monstrous" ... which fill our gardens and houses with catkins and fluff which fills our chest to hold our breath. CUT THEM all DOWN, please.... THEY TAKE AWAY the sunshine and fill the grass with dry MOSS ....

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