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Talkback: Unpleasant plant smells

I run the risk of hyperventilating when the garden blooms, inhaling until I am dizzy, but the smell of Crataegus blossom always makes me gu...

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Hi, I bought this plant(Dracunculus Vulgaris)around 4 years ago . Thought such a differant beautiful plant was too nice for the bottom of our garden and risk it being sprayed by the farmer who rents the land at the end of our garden.I also thought surly a beautiful plant couldnt smell SO BAD ! This was before we had an established hedge . So one tuber was planted half way down in the large border.
I was so wrong about the smell, it is FOWL - capital letters FOWL ! As we keep chickens a friend commented on a horrible smell , asked me if I had a chicken gone missing over the last few weeks. I realised it was my latest plant and she thought it was a rotting corpse!
Anyway back to the plant itself - I find it spectacular in every stage of its growth. It first starts poking pointed tips through the ground . They grow fast at each stage I find them photogenic ( and Yes I am into photography work as a hobby )They have brilliant markings even at this stage. Then the leaves unfold .I'm surprised I have'nt had a visit from our boys in Blue- the amount of times after catching someones eye as they question me about them , I calmly explain they are related to the cannabis family - but no I have'nt tried them . Still there is time I suppose!
Again back to the plant! The underneath part of the flower is Calla lily shaped but gigantic in comparison. I measured one last year and without no word of a lie it measured a Wowing 36 inches from the very tip to thetop of the ' funnel like bulbus bit'. The much darker spathe measured 34 ins.
Luckily they are best for a one day spectacular. Don't blink or you'l miss it ! I'm afraid the smell lingers slightly longer........

I had a lily in the house once. After a weekend away, as soon as I opened the door I thought something had died and was decomposing. It took me ages searching for a corpse to work out it was the lily. When I put it outside, it's scent was lovely, but indoors it was way too pungent.

I have a dragon arum either side of the front door, we have only been here a couple of months, having just discovered what it is & the smell I can expect. how would I go about moving it to a spot away from the house & when should I do this? Any help & advise would be very welcome.

Used to have a lovely flower in my garden but it smelt so strongly of dog poo! Pretty or not it had to go.


Well the common name for Dracunculus Vulgaris is the stink lily. It smells like a rotting corpse to attract the flies that polinate it.

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