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Talkback: Using green tomatoes

I grew six tomato vines in my porch up here at 1000 ft in the North Pennines, provided me with a constant supply for myself from late August...

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I grew six tomato vines in my porch up here at 1000 ft in the North Pennines, provided me with a constant supply for myself from late August. I took them down before going away on holiday and made 4 pounds of green tomato jam with the unripe fruit, but will certainly try the relish next year, thanks.

I'm banned from doing any green tomato chutney this year. We're still working our way through 09,10 etc!

Somebody said about 'frying up' green tomatoes & since 1 of my plants- supposed to be a yellow cherry, but way too big for that now- has loads still definitely green, will be trying that.

The other 2 plants- Sungold & Gardeners Delight- are ripening well now in a part- shade greenhouse in Manchester, so no, well not much, sun this year!

I empty things out of greenhouse at the end of September & any unripe ones go onto trays on various window sills in the house. The majority do eventually ripen. J.

Carefulll! Green tomatoes are not good for your health, they should be cooked!!1 Otherwise you will be sick with a sort of flu!!!
Hi Kate,many years ago I had an allotment and I grow some potatoes that had green fruit growing on the stems which I was told they were poisonous, so they were taken off and binned .

Kate Bradbury
Thanks for your comments

@warthog - ooh green tomato jam, recipe please!

@yolande 2 - thanks for that, but I hope two hours of simmering constitutes cooking!

@oldchippy - I love seeing those green potato fruits, even though they're poisonous!



I am pleased to report that following GW instructions I have harvested most of mine when ripe. The ones which fell off I wrapped in socks or a tea towel and they are slowly ripening.
im in the same boat so tomorrow im picking and green tom chuck coming up many thanks Kate just printed the menue
Kate Bradbury

Let me know how you get on Alan! I've got through half my jar already - absolutely love the stuff.



Kate its on the boil this very minuet bit strong on the aroma all widows wide open my Kates gone running out of it so only an hour to go and im bottleing ,hope this works  talk soon Alan4711

Rob Stevens

I used this recipe for my leftovers and am pleased to report that the result is very tasty. One to do again!

I'm glad that it isn't just me then. I've loads of unripened tomatoes and couldn't work out why. Going to make green tomato chutney this afternoon. Never heard of this before, till trying to find out what to do with all my green tomatoes.

The green part on potatoes is caused by sun exposure---it can safely be removed and the rest of the potatoes eaten. Always store potatoes away from light.

I have a recipe for apple chow that is equal parts apples and green tomatoes.It is good, but makes so much that I only do it every few years. I will post it if anyone is interested. You need 5 pounds of each!

I put green tomatoes in a bowl with couple of bananas. They soon change colour and can be used ripe. This happens quite quickly. So they all not ripen together I put some in a dark drawer with a banana and take out those that change colour.



 I've done that with some and made green tomato chutney with the rest.

Kate Bradbury

Inkadog - yes please to the apple chow recipe!



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