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I actually grey this deliberately for the butterflies, of which there are, sadly, too few. My personal view is that anything that encourages bees or butterflies should not be thought of as a weed unless its really horrid, thick Japanese knotweedish sort of things. I'd be interested to see what people think about this.
Totally agree. Anything that benefits insects, butterflies or birds stays, if it spreads it's up to me to keep it in check but it still stays.
I keep mine in a border just for Bees and Butterflies. they Love it and i enjoy watching them!

It's pretty and yes the insects love it but it  can take over a bit can't it? The roots are big fleshy things and a job to get rid of. Millions of seedlings as well, so a bit of management required!

I actually like this plant and I too find the insects love it.  I try to keep it in reasonable check by deadheading but it still spreads like wildfire.


Stacey Docherty

Oooohhh that's the name of it!!!! I have a clump that has self seeded last year to my delight I have moved the babies all over!!!!! Love it


Just be careful where you let it seed.  If you have any gravel and it gets in there (even if the gravel is on top of membrane) you will never be rid of it!  It also stinks when rotting at the end of the season so best not grown close to entrances.  It is quite nice for what is a rampant weed for me though .

I'm trying to get a clump of it established in my wildflower garden - it's so pretty

as well as being great for the wildlife.

Lovely plant for insects and looks good too - I only wish it smelt as nice as it looks as I hate the smell. Just like Bob the Gardener says.
Pottie Pam

The humming bird hawk moth loves this. My favourite insect.


I think there are nicer things to grow for insects etc. I find it invasive, just look how many you see growing in nooks and cranies on streets. When we moved here 14yrs ago it was everywhere. As Bob says the roots do smell. Before I knew what it was we called it "stinky root plant".

I agree bees love this and so do humming bird hawk moths. I much prefer the dark pink version, tho I seem to get more of the paler pink. They are all welcome in my cottage garden.
Nice plant, i grow it for the wildlife and because it reminds me of holidays i devon and cornwall, not keen on the pinky red colour, i tend to give that to my neighbour!
Bit of a bully, but there are worse things

Just noticed your post may_may, its a shame you dont live by me we could swap!

Dug mine out last year as it was becoming too much of a bully, but I'm sure some will still make an appearance this year.




I love mine, it seeds itself by the terrace walls, in cracks, but it never appears in the flower beds. I planted the original one in a border but it decided the earth is too rich after all the manure and compost I'd added!


I also grow phacelia tanetifolia (sorry about the spelling!), does a similar job with the wild life but not such a bully, very pretty with the white valerian

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