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I have recently "dealt" with vine weevils and have changed the compost in the posts. Is it safe to put the old compost which, I have doused with Vine Weevil2 killer on to my compost heap for use next year on my flower / shrub beds or is it better disposed of?
I have recently lifted my begonia tubers, and as in the past found quite a number of small white grubs which look like pictures I have seen of vine weevil. Could you please tell me how I can treat the tubers and store them for use next year?
Is my victoria plum tree dead? Its now May 2010 and there is no sign of leaf growth anywhere on the tree.

HIYA... you know spring is coming and gardening is my newly found passion. I took out dahlias and begonias from last year and stored in summer house. Today when I went through the bulbs, I found a small vine weevil grub but it wasn't moving. BUT I squashed it anyway (double kill method). It damaged two begonia bulbs and one dahlia. Last year, I planted dahlias in ground the front now I suspect the vine weevil is still there. do they stay dormant in winter? What should I do? help

Thanks in advance

I have battled this adversary for many years with varying degrees of sucess. In a strange way I do admire there tenacity. They are tough little critters unless you catch them red handed. Good husbandry is essential and I do try and avoid keeping things in pots I know they like. Also attracting birds to your garden helps as they can be a useful ally. Heucheras, hardy geranimus are always a popular choice for a midnight snack. I patrol mainly in the evenings with a torch to catch them mid meal. 


Caz W

I regularly check my heucharas in pots and the minute they feel a bit loose I whip them out, wash the roots and repot them in fresh compost.  I have saved many plants this way and as an added bonus  I even managed to get our resident garden robin to come and take the wriggling grubs from my hand.  I had tried in vain to tempt him with many other goodies but these proved too much of a temptation for him!  The goldfish loves them too.

Good hygiene, diligence and observation plus treatment for control of vne weevils. Where you can.....e.g. Heucheras, primulas, fuschias, etc.. Wash soil from roots. Then 2 treatments are possible - chemicals or nematodes. Chemicals like Provado can kill almost all the larvae. Nematodes control the numbers but will always allow others to survive. You can't use nematodes and chemicals together but I use a mixture of all treatments to control vine weevils. Night time catching vine weevil adults helps too
I am looking for live and healthy vine weevils. It is a strange request but I am collecting them for the research companies who want to do trials on them to find an effective control. So would anyone like to send me any as they seem to be such trouble in gardens?

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