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Susan Giles

When I first started to read this post about vine weevils,  I was thinking 'Hmm, there's some great ideas here'. I've just got my box of Nemasys vine weevil nematodes and popped them in the fridge. It's nearly lunchtime and I was feeling peckish when I read Verdun and Fairygirl's posts -  - great! Now I just feel queasy. Bleugh! you didn't eat them did you?  

Someone I knew had a cat that died over a bank holiday.  She kept it in the freezer in a shoe box until the folowing Tuesday when the vet was to re open.  I've always refused her offers of a cuppa........

Susan Giles

Verdun!!  Nope, I certainly didn't!!  As for cats in freezers, you'd be surprised just what gets stored in large fridge storage facilities...when the morgues are full...need I say more?!

Just to be clear, the packaging says to keep in the fridge until opened for use. I won't be spreading nematodes on my toast!! 

Jess is in the Garden
Why nematodes only in August/Sept.? I use them twice yearly and it has made all the difference to the plague of weevils in my garden. As long as temperatures are above 15 degrees C, they'll work. Plenty of fodder for them in my garden, hey ho :-)

I have four window boxes and they gave destroyed all of my plants from the bottom up, I think tipping them out on to sone huge trays and letting the birds have a feast but I'm not sure if it's worth putting the compost back in or should I start again ? If I tip them on to the veg patch will it do future planting any harm?


Hiya Drywsdad

dont use that compost again.  Not just because of vime weevil but because fresh compost will be sterile and nutrient rich.  

I would not put on veg patch either but trays are good.  Spread the old compost and delight the birds.   I would eventually add to compost heap


Thanks Verdun, I've lost a few begonias after discovering they were full of holes but the blooming things I have them drying out in the corner of the green house, is there anything i can do to the tubers before potting them on to ensure they are bug free ? would washing them be sufficient ?

I wouldn't wash them now.  If they look good, feel firm and have no obvious holes I would simply keep them frost free and dry now.  Anything looking suspicious I would get rid of 

Hi. I understand that vine weevils cannot swim & tried placing a pot in a large tray of water overnight when insects are active. Result! Dead vine weevils the next morning.
Worth a try.

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