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As my mother used to say "It never rains but it pours"! it has been tipping it down all morning and I've resorted to having a big baking session as it is even too much for me to don my raincoat and go out and weed!
Sorry if you are still dry pippa but hasn't stopped raining in south wales - since about time first news broadcast said drought was declared! today has rained solidly all day and the only delphinums I didnt stake are horizontal! still at least water butt now full. Ps. have just enjoyed my first crop of courgettes yay!
WOW! One day of not being able to get out in the garden because of the rain and I return with my sweatshirt turned up and full of huge strawberries, to get a container for the broad beans and twine and canes to tie up the tallest of my foxgloves which are in full flower but have taken a beating from the wind now the ground is soft. We are having extremes of weather and it calls for a change in gardening of revolutionary proportions. Who would have thought one had to stake foxgloves!! My one-and-only sunflower was well staked and has come through unscathed in its pot. Now that my bone-dry compost heap has had a soaking I am going to cover it with some old wool carpet and let it stew - if that is the right word. Surely you have all had some welcome rain now, including Pippa?
I'm a bit annoyed as my Sambuscus Black lace had just reached the hight I wanted and two days of 80 mile an hour wind broke half of the branches by three feet. Still have enough left to give a good show of flowers so hope no more winds. The flowers do smell awful but as its too cold to sit out and it is in front of my window I can enjoy it without the smell. A great bush or small tree for any garden I do recomend it. I do envy you all the sunshine down south but thank goodness for the soft rain we get, Lovely to drink and great for the garden. Bought a large Hydranger at the Continental market all floppy and dying of thirst got it for a pound. Put it in a bucket of water for a couple of hours and it looks a treat. So dont give up on the plants just yet good luck and wish you rain.
I finally fitted an outside tap on saturday only for it too rain all sunday. Filling my water butt 2/3. Still a little too late for most of my seedlings though, I was trying to convince the inlaws that I was after micro veg! my blog


Saving what rainwater we can is vital for our gardens, especially as lots more homes are now on water meters, but we all at some time must use tap water-can’t afford not to can we? I have used a company called Sprinkler Irrigation for some Greenhouse Irrigation and I can highly recommend them for lots of watering solutions! Helpful and cost effective – well worth getting in touch!
I really don't believe in rain dancing, but sometimes you need to believe in something, don't you? A little humour doesn't make any harm. You have to be careful not to water your plants in excess, because you'll soon have mildew problems...and that you'll won't be able to fix so soon.
anyone like to come to North Wales and ring us out, I'm pretty sure we've got water to spare. Wind been a killer for the plants, my potatoes have been battered, and i wont be planting tall varieties of peas on the allotment again. I'm sure it will all come good : )

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