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Windows, the door and the roof vent are open in my conservatory as well as the connecting double doors to the lounge. The plants of salvias, cosmos and nicotiana which I've grown from seed for the front garden display are in pots lined up in plastic trays which I keep moist. They are certainly drinking up the water now. I have put my large garden umbrella over some of my pots outside to shade them a bit, and all my succulents are in the shade under a huge Bramley apple tree. It does make a change to have to protect the plants from sun-scorch and drought!
Living in the south of Ireland I dont seem to have to worry about high temperatures and if anything, could do with a little more sun and warmth. My cherry tomatoes and strawberries are crying out for it. Any chance of sending some of your weather here? :)
Don't think I've much control of the weather, I'm afraid. Just home from a busy day and even at 10.30pm it's still nearly 24˚C in the greenhouse ... but for how much longer?
Each evening for three days the rain god watered my garden, plus all my pots, wish I knew about lining terracotta pots!!
Lazygardner: please send your rain God to Cambridgeshire! Other areas appear to get a good drink, but not my garden!


I have water butts all over the garden but despite this I'm amazed at how quickly they empty! I catch water from the house roof, shed roof and even catch water from under my 3yr olds climbing frame! This has a large vinyl floor half way up with a large hole in the middle to let water drain! this actually works well and fills a large 25ltr container really quickly which then gets emptied into a butt somewhere! Until this week I didn't have a greenhouse but have just built one so it will be interesting to see how I get on!...more butts to catch water off the roof of this also me thinks??? Higgy
I had the same problem, my greenhouse was becoming more of an oven and frying everything inside it! I made a cravel bed in the bottom, and in the planters, I used bark mulch to hold the moisture in my soil. Although it is still warm in there, the plants are looking a bit fresher! Hope this helps!
my garden is very over grown every time i do my garden it just come back again worst then last time i really need some help
A method I have for saving water from my greenhouse. I turned the rubber lid of the water barrel upside down to catch the water, in the centre of which I made a 4cms hole, into which I stuffed a plastic pan scrubber, to act as a filter. I then ran a length of hosepipe from one barrel to another, each end weighted down, to reach the bottom of each barrel, after flooding the air out of the tube. The water will then level off in both barrels. After "FIVE" years and keeping the the barrels covered, without further attention, the water is still clean and sparkling to use. More barrels could be added if required.
Saving what rainwater we can is vital for our gardens, especially as lots more homes are now on water meters, but we all at some time must use tap water-can't afford not to can we? I have used a company called Sprinkler Irrigation for some Greenhouse Irrigation and I can highly recommend them for lots of watering solutions! Helpful and cost effective - well worth getting in touch!
Like your page on watering plants in greenhouses.I work all day and yes i do worry about my plants,( silly me).Is it ok to water my plants before going to work,as my greenhouses are in the sun all day?
I have seen sprinklers on timers and think this is a great way of watering in the greenhouses whether at home or work. I saw this <a href""gardening tip and had to use it.
I have two sprays of apple blossom on my tree, October is a bit late .climat change or what!!
the ideal place for pots in dry weather is a cravel bed (lined)filled with water, And stand the pots on this.Its Ideal if you are going away and have nobody to water for you.

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