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15/01/2011 at 15:52
Beautiful waxwing in my tiny garden in Woodhall Spa availing itself of the berries on my rowan tree on 9th Jan 2011
15/01/2011 at 17:53
Waxwing in my garden on the feeders 2 weeks ago in Mid Sussex! Didn't recognise it and when identified told a couple of "birdie" friends who were very excited!
15/01/2011 at 19:00
Saw one in Falmouth today, man with binoculars came to my house & advised that there was one in my back garden. It has been around all day, nice to see, took a few photos.
17/01/2011 at 14:10
A flock of around 12 waxwings stopped off briefly in the tree in my garden today, have never seen them before here. Jan 17th Bury, Lancs
19/01/2011 at 17:16
waxwings sighted in a garden in Burnham on Sea and also in hedgerow at Berrow 18th Jan
20/01/2011 at 09:40
We do have waxwings in South East London - see Herne Hill Forum post I have lived in this area for 30 years and this is a first!
20/01/2011 at 16:17
saw 3 on a bush in bilston west mids also have redwings in trees at bottom of garden and goosanders on local pool
22/01/2011 at 21:40
at least 60 waxwings at dy5 1ap Sat afternoon neighbours also saw them.
27/01/2011 at 11:28
A flock of about a dozen wax wings sited 25th Jan in east Bristol.
27/01/2011 at 14:35
I saw my first waxwing this year in Market Harborough. Lovely sight. That was at the beginning of January
29/01/2011 at 13:36
I saw a flock of at least 50 waxwings in a tree in Shepperton this morning, they were there for at least 30mins.Brilliant sight.
29/01/2011 at 13:47
this last week in Oakley Fife a flock of approx 70 waxwings feeding on the Rowan berries in the park, never seen here before a rare sighting in deed.
29/01/2011 at 15:01
Flock of 50-70 Cedar? waxwings spotted today in my garden in Balham South London. Roaming around for about an hour eating on the berries of our neighbouring garden.
29/01/2011 at 15:54
I am just looking at about thirty Waxwings feeding in shifts. Two gardens away there is what I think to be an apple tree that hasn't shed its fruit which is a marvel in itself and that is what they are eating. I am in the heart of the West Midlands
29/01/2011 at 15:56
They look as though they are here until the food is gone.
29/01/2011 at 15:57
Never realised they were so plump
31/01/2011 at 16:03
31/1/2011. Walderslade Kent Went out walking with my dog as we do on most days, and noticed thirty six Waxwings feeding off the berries. Never seen these birds before, but what made it interesting is that I did not know they are rare to this part of Kent.
03/02/2011 at 12:06
There are over 50 Waxwings here in Liverpool. They've found a berry tree, but not too sure what type. They are a fantastic sight in full flight together.
03/02/2011 at 19:38
50 + waxwings behind sale leisure centre in cheshire. 3pm thursday 3rd feb. funny birds - all facing the same direction like sheep in a field, high in a tall tree before dropping in a flock to feed on smaller rowan trees right beside the leisure centre. first time i've seen them, thought they were starlings but different call and headgearmost obvious from a distance. has anyone else seen this flock? they were in the area at least half an hour while i worked up ladders on a nearby house.
04/02/2011 at 13:31
There were about 50 Waxwings in one tree in Yateley and another group in another tree with their head feathers upright - quite a sight.
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