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Like Pippa I love dandelions. I have picked many heads from the garden this summer. Ive washed and dried them and popped them into freezer bags and am hoping to make dandelion wine. Not tried making it before, but as a child I used to pick the heads for a neighbour who made wine. I have a small wild area with dandelions and buttercups. I must admit I havnt eaten dandelion leaves as yet. I will have to try them in a salad.
Pippa, many is the time recently that I've gazed at a roadside verge whilst driving to work and delighted at the lovely bright dandelions that seem to shine from within themselves! They certainly are beautiful and I will admit to not being completely on top of them in my "lawn" but I do have to be careful as I live in quite a close neighbourhood where some of the residents are somewhat less enamored with them so I try not to let them take over too much and seed all over my neighbours' lawns! I wish they were more well-loved as they have a lot of traits, as you say, that are most beneficial. :-)
Sorry guys I disagree. I like my lawn to be immaculate like a well manicured fairway at an exclusive golf course!
A multi headed Dandelion as grown in my garden rockery and I have decided to leave it there - it looks great and besides I use the leaves in a salad sometimes.
I agree - along with buttercups and daisies were the first flowers to make an impact on me as a child and still like them.


As a gardener, you are expected to want to eradicate all dandelion growth, on site. I ask, is this simply because we know that we, in all our "wisdom", have not been able to produce such a beautiful/edible flowering plant, with such an amazing survival/hardy growing habit? We should accept its beauty and enjoy it as a companion, rather than see it as a foe?
Pippa, how good to see someone else has grass instead of a lawn. I love the dandelions too. I've actually planted 'weeds' like speedwell and daisies in my grass. I've reverted to a manual mower and keep it on the highest cut all year. The result is relaxed and meadowy, and never goes brown in our very dry summers.
I'm sorry but i dont like dandelions in my grass but i grow them in a pot for my pet snails witch av come from africa i also grow daisies in my lawn good luck
Well done,Pippa, for speaking-up for the humble but beautiful dandelion!! I feel the same about daisies!! I don't think flowers come much prettier... or tough!
My lawn has been neglected for many years. I would leave it uncut for weeks, then cut it as short as possible so as not to have to cut it again. I have managed to control the moss and weeds with Scarification and weed control / lawn feed and I have to say that the lawn has improved over the last few years. However, my biggest problem is with the many various types of grass I have in the lawn. Some areas, the grass left is thin and slow growing, while in other areas it is thick leafed and fast growing. There are also areas where wispy stems grow. How can I get the lawn unified with just one type of grass? I do not want to kill off or plough over the whole lawn. If I put one type of grass seed on the existing lawn would it eventually grow through?
Are you mad if its dandelions you want then come round here having recently moved house theres hundreds of them and I'm so generous you can have them all, oh don't forget your garden fork
Yea for you Pippa! I also Love Dandelions! They are just so bright and cheerful. I feel happier just looking at them. And there is nothing like the joy on a child's face when they are picking and giving dandelions. There are also some wonderful dandelion folktales.
Hi Pippa,we live in the Chelmsford area in Essex. This morning my wife and I had a walkabout in the garden (about 7:30 am) and found one of our plants was being completely devoured by a kind of caterpillar we've never seen before. I really need to send you a picture but am unsure how to do so using this web site. Unfortunately neither my wife or myself can tell you the name of the plant that the catepillars were feeding on (given to us by an aunt two years ago) but they(the catepillars) were prolific! About an inch in lenth and completely light grey in colour. Probably quite common but unbeknownst to us! If you could give me an 'e' address I could send a picture. Hope you can advise. Apologies due to the fact that this isn't about dandelions etc, I'm just not sure how to get in touch with you people!
I was told a story about a meeting of Horticulturests. They were shown a picture of a very rare yellow flower just discovered and everyone thought it the most beautiful flower ever discovered. They were then told it was the common dandelion, just shows you a weed is just a flower in the wrong place. Good on you Pippa for not getting rid of the most beautiful and useful flower. I too have fond memories of blowing the seeds they may even be the ones in your garden.


Pippa, I thought I'd opened up a proverbial can of worms when I mentioned that some weeds might be considered wildlife in my blog and now I'll expect to see hoards of comments posted under your piece. We harvest the leaves for our budgies who can't get enough of them. My three-year-old loves dandelions when they have gone to seed and has coined a name especially for them - blowflowers.

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