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Hi Richard, There have been a few reported this year via the iSpot website, so far all from near the south coast: Martin Harvey
jan 2010 I have now found two of these bugs in my house in eastbourne plus one was sees climing the outside wall of the house ithink this is one that came inside
Reply to Julie Thanks for your record. I'm sure we'll be seeing more of this in the next few years. I wonder when it will arrive in London.
I have found many in my house over the past month (4 to 6). I live in New York and not knowing what they where and how harmless they where i killed most of them. After the 4th i googled them and now i know they are harmless! thank you! haha! btw
I found one, upstairs, 1/2/io and still have it captive, here in North Norfolk. It is fascinating, but a baddy, so must it be destroyed??


I found 2 of them on my drapes in my condo so far this year - the second one tonight hence the reason I am looking this up :) At least I know what it is now!
I found one of these on the wall of my house on 2.10 2009. I took several photos, some of which I posted on Flickr. My address is in Five Oak Green, Kent. TN12 6TE
I have just found one in my conservatory! I live in Peacehaven on the South coast near Brighton.
This species has now been confirmed in Cheshire. One of my Entomology Society colleagues caught one in his moth trap whilst engaging in Lepidoptera survey work. The identity of the bug has been confirmed by professional entomologists, and the record is being submitted to official entomological databases. It's also somewhat amusing to note that this American invader chose September 11th to make its presence known in my locality. :)
I have one that keeps appearing round and about the house (in Brighton) and making me jump! Very sweet though.
All of sudden in the past month, our house seems to be invaded by these bugs. There are days when we find 10 or more. We get rid of them as we see them, but I wish there was something else we could do to stop the infestation. Any ideas? Thanks!
I think I just found some of these bugs in my house over the past week. Maybe three or four! Does this mean more are coming? NW Ohio
We have a caravan on a site on the edge of Dartmoor, near Ashburton in Devon. I found one of these bugs in my caravan awning, crawling up the side of the van, on 25th September this year... the wife didn't like the look of it, so I caught it and let it go outside. A week later I found another inside the awning, crawling across towards the van. I trapped it in a tupperware box, and took a couple of pics. Again, let it go... was sure it was a moth, decided to try and find it on the internet... Success!!! Hope I don't find a colony of them in the van when we re-open it in March!!


I found one in my bathroom this evening, at 1st glance thought it was a cricket or something from my boyfriends bearded dragon's food box but then looked it up and confirmed by its visual markings and size that it was a western conifer seed bug, I live in Bournemouth on the south coast so no surprise there then, I'm sure many of these new creatures have now been spotted
Just found one on my window in university, scared me senseless. You're right it is easy to identify. South Wales, Glamorgan University, Treforest
Hi! I have just identified the little guy I found crawling down my top floor flat wall last evening as one of these - I live in the centre of Northampton! They've been doing some exploring eh? :)
Reply to Norfolk, MA Unfortunately, the hibernating urge of insects is very powerful and they know a good site when they find one. It is possible that you may be able to disguise the aggregation pheromone by cleaning the corners where they hibernate, and entry points, using aromatic solvents like nail-varnish remover, industrial alcohol or rubbing alcohol. The trouble is that these are exactly the substances to damage finishes on plastic, wood and metal, and will dissolve varnishes and lacquers.

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