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I live in Weston Super Mare and I have noticed this year that my lillies in pots are covered in this red 'bug' lady bird type, but all red with black head/legs - black type slimmy stuff on the leaves that are appearing to eat... any suggestions in how to get rid of them
Is there a way of getting rid of these pesky red lilly beetles, other than squashing them. I like my lillies and don't want to see them eaten and ruined. It is the second year of seeing them in my garden, never seen them before I try to grow organic so an organic method would be perfect. I need help. I live in Bristol.
We had several last year and more this year in Coventry. My daughter discovered that they make a whistling noise when picked up don't ask! A lot of the actual buds of the lily plants have been bitten through - are these bugs the culprits? What's the best remedy, bearing in mind we have a cat and don't want to poison the birds either?
I have never planted Lillies before, until this year. They looked lovely now i have holes over them, i have noticed they like the small leaf variety more than the big leaf, well unless they have not found them yet! Just going out tonight to spray with the bug killer not sure if it will work, spent all last evening in the rain wiping the leave and squashing the beetles even if they are mating on my leaves. If i keep getting them may have to just give up with lillies shame.
Oh dear ! Having dispatched about a hundred lily beetles, I have just found my rosemary covered in (rather beautiful) rosemary beetles. I thought these came out in late summer. We use the rosemary for cooking. Any advice?


Lily beetle - another update. Lilioceris lilii is a tenacious little insect and is rather resistant to spraying. This is because the larvae cover themselves in their copious liquid excrement, exuded from the anus which is on the top of their back. As well as disguising them as mush, and probably making them less than tasty, the goo also serves as a barrier to insecticide. A systemic insecticide will poison them from the inside, but as many people have said they don't want to use poison, the only remaining option is to hand pick them and dispatch as necessary. Look upon it as you would weeding.
I have returned from my holiday to find my lilies destroyed, I've never seen such a mess. On closer inspection I noticed these ugly black larvae all over my plant remains. Then to my horror my other lily plant is covered in them too, i also have some on the back which i wont let go of without a fight. Pretty orange bugs but i want revenge, i have used a home remedy as told by my grandmother in law if it works i will let you know. watch this space.
curious that birds don't seem to be interested in these red Lilly beetles. This summer, I had masses of the darned things....none last year or the year before. Global... ( dare I say it? )? ? ? you know what.
This year as been kind to me where the lilly beetles are concerned. i seen them in april. i just took them off and stood on them. after that i seen no more so it was a good year fore the lillys. and not fore the lilly beetles.
Hi has anyone any info on lillie bulbs do you leave them in the ground or take them out for the winter.
Red lily beetles. The wretched things are back and are being squished regularly and eggs hunted for and also squished. Last year I ended up in A&E with swollen fingers, hands and lips and a very nasty brown rash on my trunk from squishing them with my hands, SO ALWAYS WEAR GARDENING GLOVES!! You have been warned! They are nasty, small but powerful.
I live in East Leake leicestershire and for the first time this year have discovered lilly beetles all over all my pots of lillies I would like some advice on how to dispose of the lilly plants as they are to far gone to treat.
Update June 2009 These must rank as the gardener's least favourite insect. It's a hopeless task me going on about how pretty they are, isn't it. I've only one piece of advice. Keep squishing.
Hi, I'm in mid cheshire and it's eating my lillies, to the point it's killed 2. Is there something I can spray on them to stop the little devils?


Yep, me too. My lilies have been destroyed by a red and black insect which matches the descriptions above. I'm in Christchurch, Dorset, fairly close to the beach. Bugger!! Any solutions offered?
I live in Breda, The Netherlands and my beautiful fiery red lilies were devoured by this pest too. I squished them but always use gloves because they irritate the skin! I noticed too they make a squeecking noice when you disturb or harm them and the other beatles will hide. On the internet i found some other sites about this topic. I used a bio spray from Pokon with kalium salts. But if youre willing to use insecticide this is recommended:FORMUSECT, TALSTAR 2.5 TB of BIO-PYRETREX . You have to spray it in the evening when the beatles are most active and start when the plant is 15 cm tall. Dont forget to spray at the ground/lowest leaves too, for there they hide. I hope it works
Oh! and if you squich them by hand,.. the eggs are very hard. You`ll have to make sure theire finished or remove all infected leaves and put them in a bucket with soap/spiritus. The bugs are hard to kill too. I hate the feeling of them wiggeling between my fingers. So: use a pair of tongs. Its harsh, I felt so bad for killing them,.. But i love my lilies more. Good luck!
Hi, I have a a beautiful spread of lilies but have noticed that the leaves are being eaten by a horrible little insect that resembles a lady-bird I keep cleaning the leaves and removing the eggs but next day they're back again, is there anything I can do to deter these horrid things from killing my much loved lilies.
I have looked at my lillies today and the buds of the lillies have been eaten. I dont think its the red beatle. Any ideas please!