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Vicki Could be the grubs. They cover themselves in their own excrement so are almost invisible in the gloopy bobbles.
you have a Eurydema ornata, Pentatomidae. 7-8mm. A shield bug found rarely on plants of the cabbage family such as Sea Radish in Guernsey & Jersey. They can also live in britian in the sping or summer
If you treat your Lilies with vine weeval killer tit helps to deture Lilie beetles also haven't tried it iin garden soil but it works in pots.
Yes my lilies are suffering too and I don't know what to do. I tried spaying with soap liquid but it doesn't do much. Can you help please?
hi i jus noticed them on my lillies i have never seen them be4 where do they come from exactlly as theres about 10 on them im in newport south wales uk


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