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Talkback: Where have all the hedgehogs gone?

Hello Adam,I haven't seen a hedgehog for years just an increase in wood pigeons crows and foxes. Oldchippy.

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Happy to report that we have loads of hedgies this year. Noticed one or two last year so decided to try feeding them this year. We now have a very large 'Daddy' hog, several medium sized and a couple of smaller ones. I have read somewhere that if you see several then you probably have loads more. I feed them small beef flavour cat biccies and peanuts, topping them up several times a night. I've bought a hedgehog house but have no idea if they are using it as you mustn't disturb it once in place. We too cut holes in our new fence. They aren't going to bed yet- too warm in Devon.

We have hedgehogs in our garden, although we don't often see them just the poo they leave behind. what we do miss in Bedford is the thrushes.  We and our immediate neighbours haven't seen any in the garden for the last 3 or 4 years.  Even the sparrows were not as abundant this year

Adam Pasco

Now you've got me thinking, Flyer. The thrush is one of my favourite birds, and I'm trying to remember when I last saw one. Not for several months, I don't think – but they are quite elusive. It's usually the empty snail shells I discover on the path that remind me that they are around.


We occasionally get a song thrush visit the bird bath a few times in the early summer, but the blackbirds usually chase it away.  This has happened for the past 3 years.

I live in the Scottish Borders and in the last month have seen a huge amount of squished hedgehogs on the roads, however on a good note I've had a couple roaming around the house for the first time in about 5 years. I also have stoats and weasels, are they ok for the garden and is it ok to have field voles nesting in my compost? On the occasional mild, damp eveving in the autumn, the roads almost seethe with frogs/toads of all sizes - makes for very challenging driving!



One of the problems re squashed hedgehogs (and other mammals) at this time of year is that their routines are governed by daylight hours, whereas drivers are ruled by the clock, so that now we have shorter daylight hours, those that are nocturnal keep wandering about on the roads thinking it's the middle of the night, and we drive about in our cars and lorries because we know it's the morning and we're at work 

On that subject, I remember trying to explain the shorter daylight hours to a colleague at work - she said, "I've never understood that shorter day thing - there's still 24 hours in a day isn't there?" 

flowering rose

something is going on,weather change or what.I ride up on the Mendips and we normally see the deer and their young ,often quite close as they ignore you if your on horse back and we enjoy watching them,but we have not seen any at all for sometime.I know they cull them in winter and that the loggers did disturb them in the forest but you normally see them on the open ground but they are keeping a very low profile if they are there.It does make you wonder when you start to notice wild life is not around or as abundant as it was.

Still got Hedgehogs mooching around the Peak District, my dog was fascinated to find one in the garden a few nnights ago, thankfully too big and prickly for a Jack Russell to pick up! 


Think at least one of 'ours' is tucked up somewhere snug and cozy as much less food is being eaten over the past few nights.

In Tettenhall we have about 4 hedgehogs visiting, however, they have apparently departed 4 weeks early this year, it is possible that due to a visiting Badger in the gardens that this might have driven them away

Our hog must still be about. Fresh 'poo' spotted yesterday. Wonder if it'll use our garden to hibernate?J.


We've got 3 that come every evening. We put out a large dish of dog food mixed with dog biscuits and covered with hot water for the fox cubs and the hogs always arrive before the foxes and tuck in, even sitting in the bowl. They're so sweet.

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