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We used to have pigeons perching on the half-door, waiting for food. My mother calls them "flying rats" sometimes.
Same problem. I have a 'new' garden and have been very disappointed at the lack of birds wanting to eat from my feeders. We've been in the house for nearly 8 years now and in the time we've been here I have planted 9 trees and lots of shrubs so I am hoping that as they mature the birds will return to my garden.
I have 3 cats and a dog that run round my garden but it's teeming with hungry birds who eagerly gobble up the peanuts, seed, bread and fruit (sometimes cake if they're very lucky!)that I leave out. I have hung four feeders from a large cotoneaster tree that is further sheltered by a very tall conifer which does give them some protection, I suppose. I get some pigeons, but also get several pairs of doves, and they all hoover up what the other birds drop. I have a Rill running through the garden which gives them constant, gently running water throughout the year and they drink from this and bathe in it. Every year I have blackbirds, sparrows and blue tits who nest in the leylandii and the ivy, stoically ignoring the beautiful nesting boxes I have dotted around the place! There are some tense moments while the fledglings are on the ground due to the pets, but I have plenty of dense shrubs for them to hide in. Oh, and my garden (as it is now) is 4 years old :-)
My birds (a huge variety including jays, nuthatches, goldfinches, bullfinches, siskins,warblers as well as the usual garden birds) eat everything I put out and I deliver a lot. I have a ground feeder, tree feeders for peanuts, niger seed, fat blocks (which I make myself), a peanut feeder for squirrels and jays (also magpies and crows, both of which are not slow) and a general wild bird feeder. I also put a mixture of seed, crushed peanuts,and raisins on the ground. It all goes! I do have a tree to hang the feeders on but one could buy a stand for this. My garden is not ultra tidy so there is lots of cover. I also have 4 cats which visit and WATCH the birds - I have never seen them chase them! (Just entertainment, I guess!). I also have a fox and badger which visit for home made food goodies at night, so I am blessed with wildlife and I really enjoy watching them all.
The pigeons in my garden, which nest in the neighbours leylandi trees chase away the other birds. One in particular will eat and eat until its full and then sit on top of the bird table and keep the other birds from getting a look in. I feel like running out and knocking his block off, big bully.


We always have a good selection of birds feeding and we use sunflower hearts in two feeders on an apple tree. We have hedges each side but the birds just fly straight into the apple tree. We have tried other feeds but nothing is as successful as sunflower hearts.
I have several bird feeders hanging in a quince tree, including sunflower hearts, niger seed, wild bird seed, peanuts and fat balls. I cannot keep time with them, no sooner they are filled up the birds are there. Last week I counted 9 collared doves either feeding on the seed or hovering around waiting to get on. We have all the usual birds, sparrows, tits, green and gold finches, robins blackbirds and chaffinches. This week we had a Jay ground feeding. Have not seen one in the garden before. I have lots of big shrubs and several small trees, lots of places for birds to hide in. I love them, and could spend hours watching them.
Have not seen any birds this year, not even our trusty robin. We are getting lots of squirrels though (upto 9 at a time) which is attracting our local cat population. Am enjoying the antics of the squirrels and the chasing (although not very hard) cats and the squirrels are certainly eating me out of house and home. The pigeons and magpies have arrived this week, but am missing the smaller birds.
Yes its funny that. i've put out loads of seeds and peanuts, suet balls etc. and there's very little interest. all i can think is that they're getting better fed elsewhere.
I have two birdd-tables. One big square one for the gulls, magpies and jackdors; then two feeders hung against the hedge for the little birds to feed in peace and from where they can see oncoming cats. Works well.
We have over 3 feet of snow, and it's still snowing. Yet the birds are still flying in and out of my profuse Russian vine to their food on one of these feeding stands you buy in garden centres. Just wild bird seed mix, peanuts and fatballs. Dozens od sparrows and starlings, a few collared doves a robin, a blackbird and some coaltits...and loads of pigeons that quite greedily gobble up all that falls. I deliberately place the bits on the feeder so that the pigeons can't reach the mixed seed.
If you want to make sure that the small birds get their share of the seeds and nuts, buy a globe shaped feeder.The bigger birds can't get through the bars.Also make sure there is a supply of water.I buy my bird food in 25kg bags from Vinehousefarm.I have Niger,Peanuts and won't grow mixed seed plus fat balls.I have all the common garden birds as well as crows,jackdaws,collared doves,magpies.
I was bothered by my feeding of the birds that come down a family of blackbirds the baby one is fluffy and it looks as if his wings are to long for him, they look like a penquin,and blue tits come down with thee doves and the robins have just returned i have a magpie that comes down for the peanuts. I emailed a letter vet, about feeding I put plenty down fatballs seeds and peanuts and wondered about bread, and its not really good for them, as bread has no energy values, it was a lovely reply, and I now know I am doing the right thing.
Thanks for all your comments. I saw the robin again this morning - I think it and the blackbird come just as dawn is breaking, while it's still quite dark, to get some food before the pigeons. Still nothing on the feeders. I'll monitor the situation on the weekend to see if I have any more visitors! Kate


Hi Kate, I wonder if your seed mix is part of the problem. We had a big surge in interest in our feeders when we upgraded to a luxury mix from a specialist bird food provider. The number and types of birds coming to the garden increased dramatically.I see other posts commenting on the range of foods they put out and that seems to be linked with success. The antics of the birds are so enjoyable - I do hope you find a way of persuading them to visit your garden
Hi dianap, it's top quality stuff (see previous blog post here). The tits only seem to come in spring when they're feeding their young. I think it's mainly to do with it being such a young garden and there being so little shelter for them. I've got a wee robin visiting regularly now so I'm happy enough. Am looking forward to this weekend, though when I can properly observe what's visiting. Kate
hi there, i have plenty birds flying in and pigeons greedy things i used to buy my bird mix from gardens centres but got to greedy £20 odd but some cheaper but found a farmshop in old welwyn and i recomend this one.£10 a bag and its a good keep on feeding them birds as we need them to survive.
have pigeons, crows,magpies,jays,blackbirds bluetits and even a fieldfare l feed them all. l dig a patch in the snow for the bigger birds and hang fatballs in the trees,under bushes l feed suet pellets and apples for the blackbirds. also fresh water.during the bad weather saw blackbird drinking for ages. please make sure water is kept clean as it can pass on a nasty bird disease.