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why do my seedling grow tall like cress?
I have this in my garden and it is a devil to control! Already I can recognise it reappearing, in places where it wasn't growing last year. It is easy to dig up but you will need to do it weekly to keep it under control as it is fast growing. I have resorted to glyphosphate, but this will work for a number of weeks, so you will need to reapply regularly. It doesn't help that my neighbours allow if to grow and take over their garden, so I have little chance of ever getting rid of it!!

You are doing all you can do with the weed killer, could you try asking your neighbour if you could kill theirs as well.

Try not to let it go to seed,

Mike Allen
If I may. Yes Willow herb is an attractive plant. Yes, very invasive, by means of self seeding and underground rooting.
It also has another side to it's life. It is also a Rust carrier. This rust is mainly taken up by Fuchsias. I have to admit this is most strange to me. I grow many fuchsias, I have no Willow herb close bye, yet I sometimes find rust on certain plants. Any suggestions?

I have lots of willow herb of several varieties.

It is loved by butterflies, the Great WH in my wilderness, a marshy area, is always alive with fluttering wings in the summer.

Rosebay is beautiful and I let it grow in the wilder parts of the garden. It is host to the elephant hawk moth, a beautiful thing to see. Curiously, like the rust, this also likes (eats!) Fuchsias, but I still manage to grow them without problems. Oh, and the dry stalks make great bonfire starters



I've used to grow fuchsias more than I do now - a neighbour showed his quite successfully.  We lived in a rural area where there was a great deal of wild willowherb around.

He always said that fuchsia rust was a hygiene problem - remove affected leaves, clear away all fallen leaves and burn them.  Make sure the plant wasn't too congested by thinning the centre much as you do for gooseberries. 

Best way to control rust on fuschias Buttercupdays is to prune hard annually.  This is also effective on hypericums (also prone to rust) 

Mine are already cut back, didn't say I had a rust problem, just that l have willowherb

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