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Is it likely I could get acconites to grow where celendine and anemone grow; where, how does one get hold of the necessary propagation material?
I have some of these in my garden, but in the still chilly and not very sunny Central Belt of Scotland, they're not yet in flower. Looking forward to when they do.
My aconites haven't shown up yet. I bought them in the green some years ago and they usually give a good show before the celandines. Their are two species, one a creamier yellow than the other, but both easy to obtain, Tinkerbell, I recommend Eurobulbs who do mail order.


No trouble with weeds as they are in bloom before the annual weeds show and perennials should be dug out before you plant them. They do seem to like the same conditions as snowdrops.
I see one of these in our churchyard among the snowdrops and wondered what it was.Just the one little yellow flower.
I miss the weekly programmes of Gardener's World very much. Carol Klein gave us an idea of what gardens can be like. I particularly miss the practical tips given by Monty Don or Alan Titchmarsh. Hoping that these programmes will restart soon. Yours Knut (trying to garden in Germany)
I have aconites growing on my rockery, with snowdrops in flower around the edge"s. "The start of springtime" bring on the Summer!!!.
I wouldn't be without these in my garden, and I've grown them successful from bulbs.
Thanks, happymarion, I will give them a try.....hope I am not too late for this year but I am guessing I am.
I have a small polt in my garden and want to plant potatoes in it.What type would be best and when do you plant them.
What is eating my Cowslips, at first I thought it was birds taking off the flowers as they do to Primulas, but the flowers are still being eaten even though well covered with cloches - no gaps! Any answers to this problem?


Flora May: My guess would be mice. A mouse can wriggle through a gap not much wider than a pencil.

Have you considered earwigs Flora May? They munch after dusk and hide during the day.

I have just moved into a new house and had a wonderful display of aconites, but now that the flowers have gone I am left with a mass of the leaves. I want to plant new stuff in these areas but can't get a space, can I cut back the aconite leaves to make room?

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