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I live in the Isle of Wight and my clematis are not just budding, they are full on leafing - can I still prune in the same way or will this damage the plant? Christine
I have clematis that blooms twice, in Spring and late Summer. When do I prune these and to how low please?
I have 2 varieties of montana clematis. In summer they covered the top of the fence with virtually no foliage below. Should I prune them, and if so, when and how please?
How do I prune my clematis that blooms twice in the year, double flowers in spring and singles in late summer - autumn?
Hi, duck in reply to your Q i would not prune your montana Clematis. What i would do is grow another clematis,up through the montana.I grow C. tangutica'Bill Mackenzie up one of mine and they look good, it flowers early summer to mid-autumn.Bill Meackenzie his a group 3 Clematis which i prune in the next week our two depending on the weather.

I hope this will help you.
Good Luck and Happy Gardening
Tazman alun


Hi Lyn it would be of help if you no there names,are the large flowing Clematis,do the flower on a new seasons growth,or on last years growth.

Good Luck And Happy Gardening

Tazman Alun.

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