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12/01/2012 at 18:35
I live in the Isle of Wight and my clematis are not just budding, they are full on leafing - can I still prune in the same way or will this damage the plant?

20/01/2012 at 11:29
I have clematis that blooms twice, in Spring and late Summer. When do I prune these and to how low please?
22/01/2012 at 19:07
I have 2 varieties of montana clematis. In summer they covered the top of the fence with virtually no foliage below. Should I prune them, and if so, when and how please?
08/02/2012 at 15:57
How do I prune my clematis that blooms twice in the year, double flowers in spring and singles in late summer - autumn?
09/02/2012 at 20:29
Hi, duck in reply to your Q i would not prune your montana Clematis. What i would do is grow another clematis,up through the montana.I grow C. tangutica'Bill Mackenzie up one of mine and they look good, it flowers early summer to mid-autumn.Bill Meackenzie his a group 3 Clematis which i prune in the next week our two depending on the weather.

I hope this will help you.
Good Luck and Happy Gardening
Tazman alun
09/02/2012 at 20:50
Hi Lyn it would be of help if you no there names,are the large flowing Clematis,do the flower on a new seasons growth,or on last years growth.

Good Luck And Happy Gardening

Tazman Alun.
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