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Hi James 4th April and still snowing here in Ewell.

Spuds and onion sets are still waiting for soil to warm up


Same here....I'm in the East Midlands. Today it's perishing cold and we've had a few snow flurries altho nothing has settled. I went out to the GH and brought lots of the seedlings back into the conservatory where it is warmer.  I have decided to just observe how the seedlings/plants are behaving and react accordingly One thing tho...they're not particularly leggy and the leaves that are there are they're getting enough light, it's just the temperature that's a problem. On Tuesday and Wednesday it was lovely with bright sunshine...out of the wind it was positively it's back to winter again...

freezing cold here and trying to snow, when is it due to warm up?

Today has felt really warm on the Wirral, actually feels springish, haven't had my heating on yet. Feel as if I want to go to Ness Gardens later in the week with it being so nice today. Checked the forecast for the coming week and the temps are slowing creeping up......please God the warmer weather is now on its way.



This is spring for sure. We'll be OK now

Yes it has that feel about it now doesn't it, fed up of being cold.
chilli lover

Beautiful here in Hampshire today - definitely the first day of spring for me. I feel so happy!

I feel like that today CL, it actually feels like spring is here.

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