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I have had a ton of fresh oak chippings delivered today. Do I have to wait a while before laying them? I seem to remember something about them being too hot to use immediately.
I've been laying old carpet along my paths before I get another "Pete the Tree" to come along with his delivery. My school plot was a wild party of brambles and stingers last summer, so although I have dug & pulled them all out, I think I need all the help I can get to stop then coming back through. My students will value the chippings, for the same reason as you do, as they will be wearing school shoes when emptying their cookery-class-peelings into my compost heap. Last term was decidedly muddy!! Good luck with your planting next month.
im doing a border in the garden tommorow and we are putting some wood chip down before putting plants in. Do we need to put a membrane down first to stop weeds? Answers really needed

If you don't put a membrane down, some weeds will come through. I put woodchips down last year without a membrane, a few weeds came through. Took them a while though. I didn't put a membrane down as i move plants around. Would be fine on a more established border, thats not going to change.

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