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We have 200 Olive trees at our farmhouse in Abruzzo, Italy. Can anyone recommend a book, website, DVD etc that gives advice on the general upkeep of the trees. I know nothing!
Sorry, but we have grown to hate woodpigeons. Our leafy surburban garden has a minimum of 3 pairs all year round and inevitably all their offsping. There are easy pickings under our birdfeeder and they continually crash in like jumbo jets on the tits as they drink and bathe in the birdbath, which they then foul by 'pooping' in it. In spring our beautiful silver birch is decimated by their insistence on bendy twigs for their nests, most of which are carelessly dropped and never retrieved. Woodpigeons? - beautiful birds, yes, but in my garden -no thanks!
Reply to tawny. Perhaps you might make use of the third best thing about wood pigeons, after their name and their cooing — their delicious dark meat.
WONDERFUL HOOVERS,I could not do without these wonderful birds calling last thing before nightfall to clean up all the stray seeds and nuts that have fallen to the ground before the rodents appear or they have a chance to set seed all over the garden.
We have a pair of woodpigeons that havenested in our garden in rural Brittany for the last two years. This year however they seem to have gone and been replaced by a pair of collared doves. Maybe the woodpigeons will will reappear in the summer. I too love the noise they make although our two woodpigeons do sound a bit croaky sometimes!!!


Woodpigeons are a bullying, heavyweight,greedy,fouling menace to the smaller birds in my garden.Even the collared doves all fly off when they swoop in to gorge themselves.The delightful mix of sparrows, finches and tits scatter at their approach. I have tried putting up a notice saying "No woodpigeons allowed" lol but to no effect. And no I wouldn't eat them either.
Reply to BWLPB. Sorry you're having problems. They certainly are tubby great critters. And they do blunder about. Try writing the sign in coo.
We have 3 walnut trees at our farmhouse in Italy. At the beginning the trees grow plenty of walnuts but after a while, when opening the shell, they are practically all black - and inedible!

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