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Personally love the descriptions..far more fun than saying a deep purple tulip with splayed out petals.

Also agree with the comment on daffs the only place I really love them is in the valleys of wales nestling amongst the dry stone walls and drifting through the fields with little lambs running around..breathtaking. But in garden borders I find them rather uninspiring.

I disagree with Kathleenc - too much garden writing is earnest, but deadly dull. Keep up the excellent work, James. Your pieces are a delight.
Thank you James. I'm glad you don't bear grudges! I've had a look at Jaques Amand website, but Tulip Anthraceit is not listed in the UK or US store. I'll try again next year.
Tulips are brilliant, tulip heaven is the Keukenhof Gardens in Holland. Obviously I bought some while there but they didn't grow, was the pot too shallow at 8 inches? Strangely they seem to be putting up shoots this year.


I am new to tulip planting, and have put them into pots which are currently kept under my carport. It is light and protects from any frosts. My question is, should I be watering the pots through the winter? Or do I just leave them, without watering until I place them on the patio in late spring? As a complete novice, any advice would be welcome. Thanks.
You must water them. Without watering they will be mere shadows of themselves. The flowers will lack blousiness, the leaves will be spotty and anaemic and the bulbs will lose all their plumpness. They are not camels!
Airy Fairy - 8" should be fine. it sounds as if you may not have been watering (See previous comment). Kathleen C - Try ringing the bulb suppliers as well as looking at their catalogues. Often they get unexpected orders or something is substituted by the growers. They are also very good at coming up with alternatives of which you may not have heard.
I grew Alicante in 07 and was disappointed ,but have grown Sakura f1 cherry tomatoes for 2 years and they are very good flavour and have had no problems, all grown in bags.
Some of my onions seem to be producing flowers. They are weed free but this is the first time i have tried to grow them.can anyone help?
Trying to find tulip blue beauty (triumph?). bought it last year via simple pleasures. thanks.
Any idea where I can buy tulipa anthraceit? Googling produces question "do I mean anthracite?". I don't like your incessant need for ever more bizarre descriptions; ie turkey's backsides and topless leaping girls!

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